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Heather Hayden lives in three places, sometimes simultaneously. Although her corporeal form is most often found in the beautiful state of Maine, her mind tends to wander in whatever made-up world she’s currently obsessed with, while her emotional core splits itself between loved ones, writing, and a gorgeous red sand beach she can rarely visit but which has been an inspirational place to walk on many an occasion.

Heather loves reading science fiction and fantasy. It should come to no surprise that these are also her favorite genres to write. She tends to lean toward the YA age group, since that’s her preferred reading level. She loves action, well-developed characters, and descriptions that paint a beautiful scene without distracting from the story.

When not lost in the world of words, Heather can be found hanging out with friends and family, playing computer games, and catching up on her favorite shows. Her favorite foods are pizza, onigiri, sushi, ice-cream, and – of course – chocolate.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
When I was little, probably eight or nine, I dabbled in writing a bit. Very horrible writing, in retrospect, and most of it is probably (and thankfully) lost now, or degrading on floppy disks somewhere in a dusty box. But I enjoyed doing it. My dabbling continued off and on as I got older, nothing huge, just short stories and the occasional longer one.

Then in 2007 our golden retriever suddenly passed away. Writing became the outlet for my grief. Mom found out about a challenge called National Novel Writing Month and I gave it a shot, completing my first novel at around 60,000 words in length. Although that novel may never see the light of day, it spawned my love of writing novels and since then I've written over a dozen, several of which will be available in the future.

Although I've been writing since I was young, I feel that moment when I started writing that very first novel is when I really started writing, when I realized that writing was what I wanted to do.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
There is this moment when I'm writing, when the words flow out and my fingers fly across the keyboard to keep up as the story almost writes itself...

Then there is the moment when I'm reading over something I wrote and pieces click into place and I realize there are connections I hadn't seen before that are perfect...

And then there is the moment when I reach the end of the first draft, and type "The End"...

I can't pick one favorite thing about writing, because for me it's writing as a whole that's so wonderful.
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