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Heather McVea was raised in a small town south of San Antonio, Texas. Prior to escaping to the big city, she raised Hampshire pigs, rode motorcycles at entirely too young an age, and once snow boarded behind a Ford pickup truck. She relishes a strong gin and tonic, but leans after three. Shiny twinkly things make her cringe, up to and including Hollywood vampires.

Heather and her wife have three fur babies, and are working their way through all of the brewery tours in Texas.

Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process?
I’m afraid it’s not very sexy. Because so much of my writing revolves around dialogue, I really have to get inside the head of my characters (I can’t have them all sounding the same). As a result, I go through extensive outline builds. This involves character biographies (down to what they like to eat, and what perfume they wear), family trees, and timelines.

Once I’ve really developed who the person is, then I decide on three to four main plot points I want to ensure are include in the novel, and I begin drafting a chronology of the book. Then I break each “event” out into a chapter or component of a chapter, and begin layering that into something I can publish.

Lastly - told you, not sexy - I send the manuscript to my copy editor. She hacks away at it, we argue and debate the merits of this or that, and then I begin writing the final draft. Then - wait for it… it goes back to my copy editor for a final read through, and then swoosh - off to publication.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I imagine at some point as a child I wrote something akin to “see Spot run”, but since my educational and professional background lends itself to primarily technical writing, prior to the Waking Forever series, I hadn’t had a lot of opportunity to write stories.
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