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Jill Hedgecock is an award-winning and internationally-published author.
She is a regular contributor to The Diablo Gazette, a California-based entertainment magazine, and her freelance articles have been featured on the front cover for three issues of this monthly newspaper in 2018 alone. She authors book review columns for both Books ‘N Pieces Magazine and The Diablo Gazette. Jill has been in a book club for approximately 20 years where she has gained valuable knowledge on what readers consider good literature. Her short stories, personal essays and nonfiction pieces have appeared in multiple anthologies, newspapers, and magazines.

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WhatWhat prompted you to go on safari and was your interest in the plight of the rhino as result, or something that predated the trip? are your five favorite books, and why?
Elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions... I love animals and I've always dreamed of going on an African safari. When it became a reality in 2015, the experience exceeded my high expectations. Watching the majestic arc of a giraffe's neck as it silently grazed on treetops, I had to pinch myself to remind myself that this really happening. I marveled at the wonders of a round, copper orb highlighted by an orange-red sky at the end of the day. My heart raced as an elephant blocked our game vehicle's path, not out of fear, because of sheer joy.

While I was well aware of the poaching of elephants for ivory, it was during a game drive in Kruger National Park when I learned that three rhinos are killed every day for their horns because Asian people erroneously believe the keratinous material of a rhino horn (equivalent to fingernails) will cure cancer and other health problems and so this material is worth more than gold on the black market. I had no idea that these dinosaur-like animals were being slaughtered and that these amazing creatures may be wiped off the planet in my children's lifetime. I knew before the trip that I wanted to write a novel that would bring the experience of an African safari alive for people less fortunate than me to have this experience, but when I learned about the plight of rhinos an idea for a different kind of story started to unfold.
What do yYou’ve managed to take a valid, current, important cause, and wrap an interesting story around it. How difficult was it to find the balance in the telling to do justice to both aspects?ou read for pleasure?
It was not difficult at all. In some ways I can attribute having this skill from my background in the sciences—a discipline where looking for logic in seemingly unrelated facts is commonplace. But I also wonder if the way I think is a result of early childhood. When I was a kid, I loved doing jigsaw puzzles with my sister. We both found them easy and loved a challenge, so we started dumping multiple puzzles together, mixing them up (usually by throwing the pieces high in the air) and then solving them simultaneously (we dubbed the game "toss the salad”). I think this playtime activity helped my brain develop in a way that the thought processes necessary to intertwine stories together isn't hard for me.
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Rhino in the Room Book Trailer
The last place seventeen-year-old fashionista, Claire, wants to go is on a South African safari with her father. Claire’s safari experience improves after meeting Junior, a handsome young guide. But when she breaks a critical game-drive rule, Claire and her father are pulled into the crosshairs of armed rhino poachers. Can Claire and her dad overcome their broken relationship in order to save their own lives and the last two black rhinos from extinction?


Rhino in the Room
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 84,360. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Travel, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Thriller & Suspense
When seventeen year-old fashionista, Claire, and her father become lost in the bush, surrounded by fire, and pursued by rhino poachers during their South African safari, they must resolve their differences in order to save the last two black rhinos from extinction.

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