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I am a senior podiatrist at St Vincent’s Hospital’s high risk foot clinic, Sydney and in private practice at my Feet on the Move clinic at Bondi.

Growing up in a very sporty household (my father was a PE teacher) meant I participated in a wide range of sports. Running came easy to me and before long I was keeping up with the ‘big boys’. There was a running boom in the 1980s and my family travelled all over the state
competing in fun runs every couple of weekends.

What started off as spending time with my dad developed into a high level of achievement.
At age seventeen, I was:

1. CHS (Combined High Schools) State 3000m champion.
2. CHS and All Schools State Cross-country champion.
3. 2nd in Australian Cross-country Championships.
4. 1st in U20s in Sydney’s City to Surf (49:17, 14km), 7th lady.
5. 1st in the Paramatta Open 10 mile (16km) in a record time of 58:13.
6. Outright winner of the 10km Randwick Charity Fun Run in 33:40.
I was also awarded the New South Wales Open Female Runner of The Year award.

But then I was diagnosed with a genetic bone disorder in my foot and I was also told by three orthopaedic surgeons that I would never run again, and that there was no operation for it.

It was eventually operated on successfully and I started running again with orthotics and chunky shoes, doing what I was taught was proper technique but I got seven tibial stress fractures and a multitude of other impact injuries.

I met Keith through a coach we shared, Sean Williams. I regularly saw Keith training barefoot on the grass and in the thinnest shoes on the road. I marvelled at how a (then) fifty-five-year-old man kept getting faster and faster! Not just at a good club runner level but blowing my own personal best times out of the water! I used to race men as a teenager; it was such fun beating most of them but I knew I would never beat this one.

After some technique-change sessions and rebuilding my technique I now run injury-free, I feel great!

Over the last seventeen years I have developed a comprehensive foot-strengthening program and I spend most of my time rehabilitating runners.

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Foot program introduction
Heidi Jones Dip.Pod., MA.Pod.A, senior podiatrist at St Vincent’s Hospital’s high risk foot clinic, Sydney and her Feet on the Move clinic at Bondi. (A podiatrist diagnoses, treats and prevents injuries to the feet and lower limbs.)

Maestro - stretches and strengthens pronator and supinator tendon attachments
This exercise stretches and strengthens the tendon attachments of the pronator and supinator muscles (peroneals, tibialis anterior and posterior), abductor hallucis, interossei, abductor digiti minimi, and lumbricals.


Older Yet Faster: The Secret to Running Fast and Injury Free
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