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Hekate's Passage has been created by two women, Eleyne Kot from Poland and Yasmin Lazaro from Argentina, who share deep love for rock and heavy metal and are fascinated by certain rockers. This fascination resulted in interest in erotic narrations and caused them to start writing on their own, describing some erotic fantasies in which these certain rockers show off their male prowess.
However neither Yasmin nor Eleyne allow personal details of their life to be revealed as they prefer to keep their private lives a secret and remain anonymous.

Smashwords Interview

How did it happen that you started to write erotica and why is it about a rock/heavy metal band?
Eleyne: In my case it was discovering this band’s music first. For a while nothing happened but the more I listened to their music, the more videos I watched, the more I noticed that these five guys are (and were) really, really hot. I just couldn’t shake this adoration off. I had never experienced this kind of erotic fascination this bad. Sure, I used to have some by this or that musician but my dreams about them were never so graphic, so detailed and so explicit – I could have been dreaming about holding hands or kissing them but not about actually going any further. In case of this group it really overwhelmed me. I could have been doing pretty anything but my mind was miles away fantasizing how I would like to shag the two axemen of this band.
I once found a pic that I used in promoting our book that said: “The sexiest thing a man can do to a woman is to crawl into her imagination and to make it run wild.” This sentence summarizes exactly what these heavy metal musicians did to me (and I imagine, to Yasmin, too, otherwise she wouldn’t write erotica with me).
I ended up haunted into a frenzy by these graphic sexual daydreams about the band members. I just needed a release or I would burst and this is when I met Yasmin. We befriended each other on one of these heavy metal fora, started chatting and exchanging various frivolous remarks about the band members and how they make us feel , then we switched to private messages as what we wanted to say was getting to be too sexual for the open forum where everybody, including minors, could read it. And this is how our first short stories were created. By exchanging those PMs on the forum. But I admit they were not too well written. We had a lot of enthusiasm for the subject but not too much experience in writing erotica.

Yasmin: I’ve always loved heavy metal music. Since my childhood, I have been introduced to the metal chords and the wild fantasies that metal music inspires: physical and spiritual power, overdose of energy, freedom, rebellious behaviour against the established powers of a decadent society. This music excited my imagination, but it never ignited my mind with erotic thoughts. I must confess that my erotic fantasies used to be very basic and rather romantic, and never went far in the area of naughty images related to erotica. But… something pulled the trigger when I started to listen to more and more of a certain metal band that I already adored. Then I was more mature and their music began to be the fuel of ardent fantasies, more suitable for bolder women.
At that time I was in a fan forum where I met some other women that loved metal and this one band in particular. Most of them were European or American, and this is there I met my “partner in crime” for my future literary adventures. We started exchanging messages, then we created short narrations in the same way, via messaging. All of them were very informal and only aimed at letting off steam by expressing our hot fantasies.
Was Hekate’s Passage written in the same way, by exchanging messages between you?
Eleyne: Not anymore. At some point Yasmin decided that we need another medium of communication because everything in those messages was getting too chaotic, so she set up a private blog for us. And this is where we continued writing all these shorter forms until Yasmin said she had an idea. And this idea included time travel. I said, ‘yes, why not?” we can write something like this, but after we started to write we got kind of entranced in this world, we just didn’t want to stop. All that perhaps was supposed to be a novella got completely out of hand in terms of size… When we finished writing the first volume of Hekate’s Passage, the whole book had almost 280 thousand words…

Yasmin: Our first attempt to write down our burning fantasies in Private Messages wasn't a practical idea, the other thing was that these first texts were poorly edited and written, to say the truth. But at the time we started to write, we were just imagining erotic action between the two of us and the members of our beloved band.
We met in a forum and everything happened naturally: exchanging opinions, posting pics and making remarks about how hot those guy were. Then we just entertained ourselves with short narrations that starred these guys and ourselves. Later on, after finding a less messy means of communicating for writing we began to spend more and more of our free time trying to write some good, appealing narrations.. I had an idea that I shared with Eleyne about writing a story that doesn’t take place in the present, but in the past and combining some ludic and paranormal concepts with our wildest ideas about sexual pleasure. She agreed and this is how Hekate’s Passage began.Finally, we ended writing a very big novel, 280 thousand words, that was epic for us, specially having in mind that neither of us was an English native speaker.
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