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  • How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse on Aug. 20, 2012

    Watching the video, reading the ebook and then listening to the audio program… well, it's like a total peacefulness that does not end.... I also noticed that I have bigger and bigger gaps of no thought!... just calm, clarity and if I do get a thought its a positive one, good thoughts, and I keep hearing more so now, "It will all be okay, all is fine"..... I also notice that I seem to calm others who are in my household, work? for example, the other night my husband got a little upset at not figuring out a computer issue, he asked for my help, but unfortunately, I could not figure it out as well. He was clearly frustrated, I went to the living room, sat there and remained calmed, peaceful and accepting.... a few minutes after, I went into our bedroom to get something and approached him, he responded so calmly, peacefully! like he felt the energy that I was carrying... his attitude and frustration disappeared! I love being a magnet of Peace and helping others in this journey! Helena Herrera