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Helen Haskins was born and raised in Mackay on the east coast of Australia, to an Australian mother and a refugee Russian immigrant father. Helen grew up and lived the life of a typical Australian woman of her time, getting married at 17, and becoming a home-loving housewife and mother. She liked nothing better than to cook and entertain family and friends, and still does to this day.

Due to contracting Rheumatic Fever as a child she was not encouraged to learn to swim or do sports and still does not swim well and so was ill prepared for marriage to a man who didn't want to settle down. Together her husband John and family they have travelled over most of Australia, back-packed around Europe, house exchanged internationally, and of course lived on board a self-built yacht called, 'Trah.'

Helens life has taken twists and turns she would never have imagined, and she learned to love the adventure of bringing up a family in interesting circumstance which she hopes has given them a more open-minded, non-conformist outlook as it has for her.

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