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  • Demon Ties on Dec. 29, 2017

    Based on my own experience with this new and compelling world, I just dived right into it with the well written plots and dialogues between the two main characters, Yuval and Amath. I love how the story slowly progressed to love although they just dived right in on their first meet in a long time. XD Yeah. Idk. I really liked this. Especially cuzz of the ending. Although I can't help but feel disapointed at the part with the wizarding school, hoping it played a major role on the plot itself and something epic happened. But nah. Tis okay tho. Ahahahahaha. Also read your other artworks. Really nice.
  • Sightings on Dec. 31, 2017

    I really love this. The amazing plot twist that happened (Although slightly expected but really an awesome one) just made my hear beat faster. Totally recommend this. I just love Patrick sooo much. And... INFINITE LUBE!
  • A Case of Time on Jan. 01, 2018

    Damn. I really love this. It was just somehow beautiful. I would definitely recommend this and would probably reread this.