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  • My Dead Boyfriend on Sep. 10, 2012

    At first it read like a horror story which is creepy as it is midnight while I was reading it. Then as I continue, it became tragic and hopeless (Tristan unable to get over the lost of a loved one - survival guilt), finally it is a love story. Wonderful writing being able to combine all these emotions and feelings into one short story. Not what I expected but really love it.
  • Above the Dungeon on Jan. 25, 2013

    The dynamics between the three mc are awesome and sexy. Jeff sounded a little selfish as he wants to fall in love with a new gorgeous guy every few years. But when Roman seems to be falling for Dare, he got all insecure. The interaction between Dare and Roman is really interesting and sexy. Would really want to know what happens in the sequel between the three of them.