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Hemanth is a career strategist by choice and an author by accident. His love affair with writing took off quite innocuously in 2009 when he started a humor blog for a lark, followed by a business blog. Soon, things led to other things and he found himself taking up his first commercial writing assignment – a short form biography of a steel industrialist.

In 2011, the crossover into professional writing was complete when CRISIL, a $160 million financial services company based in Mumbai, India, engaged Hemanth to author their corporate biography, which was eventually published by Westland Publishers in December of 2012.

Today, after a decade and a half in the corporate world, this former IBM-er is a fiction novelist based in Bangalore, India. He writes for a singular reason. In his own words: “I write because if I personally did whatever my characters do, I'd be incarcerated on an island in the Pacific!”

His recently launched fiction novel AYMARAN SHADOW is a paranormal thriller whose backdrop is set in the 1800s. An alumnus of IIM Calcutta, Hemanth is also a consulting editor and helps first-time authors as well as experienced writers achieve their goals of publishing their creations.

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