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Smashwords book reviews by Henri ter Steeg

  • Becoming a Change Artist on March 31, 2011

    Content wise this is a GOOD book, probably 4 stars. But the layout is so horrible, that it takes a lot of focus and willpower to go through it... The online reading is bad, the PDF has no margins, in the Kindle version all text is the same, whether they are titles, quotes or text explaining a figure. It becomes VERY confusion to read. The RTF does not contain the images, the same goes for the Stanza reader. Adobe DE (ePub) shows a book structure, but when you click on a chapter, you go to the annotations for that chapter at the end of the book. Sigh... Jerry, I don't know who you hired for the typesetting, but please fire this person ASAP.
  • Becoming a Change Artist on April 02, 2011

    The follow up by the author on my previous comment was a great experience. He responded within the hour and provided my with a very readable PDF (not generated by Smashwords), my preferred output format. Thanks, Jerry!