Henry Lemonrod


Henry Lemonrod is a well traveled fictional man of the world. He has studied at numerous Universities and establishments, the most notable of which are the mysterious and prestigious College of Flatulence and the University of Asgard in Penultima. He has spent many years living with, working with and researching fantastical beings and creatures. He is one of the most respected names in the fictitious community of fantastical studies and considered a leading voice in the public flatulence community. He currently splits time between his home in Northern Michigan and his cottage in Urklweiss, a tiny hamlet in the Dwarven territory of Hrunstead. He shares his home with a fluffy brown cat named Tumbler and a dog of questionable heritage named Farfel. He enjoys short walks on the beach, sample-sized glasses of home-brewed beer and singing current pop songs while in the shower.


This member has not published any books.