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Dani Hermit and Curtis Star are the writers who founded Wandering Stars Press, which later became Hermit & Star Books.

What do we write, you ask?

Our genre is gay erotica, with a spice of horror, mystery, comedy, drama and sometimes a western or space opera. We love boys loving boys (in all the wrongest ways). If you love that too, then maybe we can be friends.

Both Dani and Curtis have some solo projects in the works, but more on those as they develop.

You can stay up to date on our news on our blog or Facebook.

Who are we when we’re not writing?

We’re life partners who’ve been together nearly 25 years through all of life’s ups, downs and craziness. Ours has been a long and sometimes arduous road, but it’s only made the journey deeper and more interesting, adding fuel and fire to the stories we can tell.

Curtis is a spirit artist and a shaman. He is a World Walker. He also does all the covers for our books. Curtis is currently working on a post-apocalyptic pony novel of his own which is a long-running passion project.

Dani has been studying tarot for 20 years and reading professionally for a small, private clientele for about 13 years. They are also a genius at making sweet treats – homemade candies, cookies, cupcakes. They do all the cooking for our little pirate crew (or we would all starve or poison ourselves lol) and loves their neurotic and attention seeking furbabies.

What inspires us?

Our first love and inspiration is Japanese Anime & Manga! We discovered Yaoi and it was all over. We already had a love affair with slash fan fiction, so taking that to some anime based fics really developed our style into what it is today. A close second is music. We create playlists that are character, story-arc or novel specific and play them at top volume while we are driving, writing and sleeping! We do karaoke in our living room as a means to cleanse our story demons and open up to the next day's work (and because it's a blast to get together with our pirate crew and sing our hearts out!)

But we also love TV, movies and books. Lots of our characters and worlds are inspired by our favorite stories.

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