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Smashwords book reviews by Pasta Lover

  • Skinwalker ~ Native American Paranormal Erotica on May 20, 2017

    This story will tickle your senses and heat you up in a good way. There is just enough details to get an idea of the shapeshifting hero's manners but light enough to keep an air of mystery. Thanks Derendrea for sharing, I'll be sure to check out your other stories.
  • Heat Run on Sep. 15, 2017

    Well written, the words flowed off the pages like fresh water. Delicious gang bang. My only wish is more detailed descriptions of the sloppy seconds and that some of the sex take place outdoors on the forest floor. That would have been wild. I hope the author puts up the rest of the series on smashwords soon.
  • The Brutal Brothers, Brutal Brothers Afternoon: Part 1 (Bestiality, rape, golden showers, breeding) on Sep. 24, 2017

    Some of the kinks weren't for me, but the story is vivid and surely arousing for those who like the description.
  • Violently VIOLATED by The Home Invader: A Lone Woman is RAPED and ABUSED in her own home! on Feb. 12, 2018

    For those looking into violent and forceful sex this story will satisfy your craving. It has a fair amount of details, of the way the agressor manhandles the victim, of the thrusting and ejaculation. The psychological aspect is also there, with a good description of the victim's agony, having fleeting moments of pleasure but not becoming willing or liking it (which I think is the best way to do this kind of story). The only thing missing is talk about possible pregnancy, neither party mentions anything about that. It's actually kind of rare to find well written stories of this genre because of the controversy, so thank you for making this story. I would love to see some historical as well, such as cavemen or vikings.
  • Roughly RAPED by her Three Brothers on Feb. 20, 2018

    The story was smooth reading. The interplay with the different personalities between the brothers worked surprisingly well. The non consent action is there in spades, no happy endings here. The one thing I would have liked is the risk of pregnancy being played up in a few more sentences. Some historical or fantasy settings would be cool to read from this author. Warriors, Jungle tribe, orcs, minotaurs, etc.
  • Sabine - Part One on Feb. 24, 2018

    The writing is good, some original direction with the plot but I'm supremely disappointed that the action for the tags of 'ritual sex' and 'gang bang' all happened in only two sentences. Would have liked a few paragraphs at least.
  • The Breeding Shrine: Tribal Li'da's Ritualised Rape on Feb. 25, 2018

    Great writing, the premise of enduring pain in the breeding trial in exchange for a happier future works great and the sex is delightfully dominating. I appreciate the little details like slapping her ass, gripping her body, the impregnation undercurrent. I commented in a previous review that I would love to see historical or fantasy settings from this author and here it is. Thanks! I can imagine a scenario where a group of men enter the cave together and roughly breed the woman one after another, competing to see who makes her scream the most (and makes the biggest mess in her). I would surely buy more than one copy of that!
  • The Breeding Shrine: Unwilling Ekua's Impregnation Orgy on March 06, 2018

    Great 2nd story in the breeding shrine series. This story pushed the whole ritual to a whole new level! I loved that the impregnation and breeding aspect was frequently described. And the juicy details on the sloppy seconds, like how her vagina made squelching sounds and her womb overflowing with so much sperm. Some more mentions of the men shouting encouragements to each other and jeering at her would have made it perfect. I wonder what the next story in the series will do. A story about one of the woman who tried to escape and gets caught and gangraped on the forest floor? Or she gets caught by a rival tribe and is subjugated in enemy territory? Or one who successfully escapes, hides in a cave only to get cornered by a pack of randy wolves or sabertooth tigers? I'm eager to read more.
  • Breeder of the Pack (Moon Valley Pack Breeder 1): A Reverse Harem on April 15, 2018

    This story is a rare breed indeed. A paranormal sex story that doesn't involve murder, conspiracy theories or fated mates. Instead a more pragmatic matter of surrogate mothers. There is an equal amount of world building and steamy content. I liked the silly details you don't often see in these stories, such as the skirts vs pants issue and less than perfect foreplay. I greatly appreciated the milder spice. There are plenty of paranormal stories on this site that are vanilla or extreme but few that straddle in-between like this one. The sex is rough but not hardcore dom. There is some jostling for position but no fight to the death. The story kind of stops abruptly, I'm hoping for a sequel with more world building, more details about their origins and their powers. It would also be interesting to read more about the women who chose to stay, and a fully detailed scene of sex during pregnancy. Also this story gives a lot of words for its price, an absolute bargain I'd say.
  • Captured in the Caves on June 18, 2018

    Excellent read. The story follows Valgir swashbuckling adventuring in a fantasy setting with nonhuman creatures such as goblins. Equal parts explicit sex and thoughtful plot, a combination rarely put together as well as this story. The initial sex scene was particularly hot, rough sex by multiple partners on an unwilling victim. Typically stories with group sex will stop after the first partner and summarize the rest, but this one delivered by continuing detailed descriptions of the sex with many more partners. If they keep writing these kind of scenes I'm sold. It's a shame the previous story of this series is only available in mobi format (at the time of this review), personally I much prefer epub or pdf as they're easier to work with.
  • Claimed by the Chieftain on June 26, 2018

    Good, but disappointing. ***Warning, spoilers ahead. After all the talk about the goblin chieftain's pervertions in the previous book, "Captured in the Caves", I was looking forward to reading more about goblins ravishing farmgirls from the strong hints in the title "Claimed by the Chieftain" as well as the description "The goblins are at it again." Imagine my frustration that not only there is no ravishing by goblins to speak of this book, most of the sex is consensual. The actual writing is good but I can't help but feel the missed opportunities for goblin sex as the story does feature the goblins but only in the more pedestrian scenarios of sword fights and sacrifice rituals that can be found in any mainstream fantasy novel. Instead we have Valgir having some rough but mostly vanilla sex with various maids and companions. It's fine to have variety but I hope we see more monsters and rough sex later in the series.
  • Waking the Gargoyles, (Part Three) on Aug. 16, 2018

    This story delivered on its promise, a breeding story with gargoyles. Good description of her being pinned down and bred. Enough details to make them feel like gargoyles (wings, clawed fingers, etc.). A breeding story that actually focuses on the breeding, no foreplay or anal, which is a welcome pace. Glad to have read this story, I hope to see another part with lots of breeding with those other males mentionned at the end. A bit more details on the messiness of sloppy seconds would be nice. There are very few good breeding stories out there, paranormal is even more rare.
  • Raped by the Pack: Book 1 on Aug. 25, 2018

    Story delivers on its description. Hardcore violent feral wolf raping action. Overall solid writing. I just wish it was a bit longer. This is labeled as book 1, I hope this will see a sequel and describe all the violation by many more wolves.
  • Breeding Beauty & the Big Bad Wolves on Aug. 26, 2018

    Wow, this is a hidden gem on smashwords. Excellent writing with detailed hardcore brutal werewolf breeding. No copout of changing back to human, or of the alpha saving her from the other pack members, these werewolves are in furry form and they all ravish her. They spare no mercy in holding her down and tearing off every stitch of her clothing. If you're into extreme werewolf erotica pick this one up, it is a must have.
  • Bred by the Pack on Jan. 20, 2019

    *Warning possible story spoilers (yes there is one)* "Bred by the Pack" by Amy Vander had three things I personally love: 1- A good description of manhandling and bondage. 2- These wolves were unmistakebly animal, with shaggy fur, slobbery tongues and canine cocks. Not some half way transformation or mostly human with just sharper teeth. 3- The mating session with each wolf was fully described, and not skipped over with some summary like "then they each took her" after only describing the first one. This is extremely hard to find as most authors take the shortcut. 3b- No anal or triple-teaming. Almost all stories go that route because it's the next logical step in a gangrape, but it's nice to sometimes see just straight successive vaginal breeding like this one. And as a bonus it actually had a non cringing backstory with a clever play on her wish to have 'lots and lots of puppies'. The only thing that could have made it perfect for me is more of a fantasy or primitive setting rather than modern day. This story hit all my buttons the right way, I do hope to see more stories of wereanimals preying on unsuspecting ladies and having their way.
  • Repaying The Centaur Clan on July 23, 2020

    Good narration and plenty of lewd mating. I was pleased by the effort put into this story, way above the cookie-cutter filler often seen for this type of story and selling for the same price. Both the centaur clan members and the hapless woman were well described. The actual lewd action got a meaty blow-by-blow. No oral or anal, just pure breeding action which I liked. I hope to see more stories by this author (maybe a sequel with the birth of the foal?).
  • Prey on Aug. 14, 2022

    There's a lot of warnings about the type of content in this book, and it lives up to all of them, which is great.
  • First Spring: a foursome orc romance on June 01, 2024

    Consensual orc reverse harem, what an extremely rare combination to see in an erotic story. Premise delivered, story felt very polished, the only thing stopping a 5 star rating is the excessively apologetic tone from the orcs, there are better ways to write polite dialogue without sounding like a wimp.