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  • Touch My Heart (Heart And Soul) on Nov. 04, 2013
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    With Hold My Hand, Paloma Beck spins the threads of a new erotic romance. The perfect balance of sweet romance and erotic kink, the love of William and Aubrey captures a reader and commands their story be heard. Touch My Heart takes those threads and weaves a tapestry that carries the reader to another level. In many ways, Ms. Beck delivers the story that the reader was left wanting at the end of Book 1. For those who are afraid Touch My Heart is a rehash of Hold My Hand, fear not! Despite being told completely in William's voice, only a few pivotal moments are retold. To be perfectly honest, having the dominant male explain his motivations helps to create a deeper bond with the reader, one that was lacking in the initial telling. The induction of Aubrey into the domestic discipline lifestyle takes on a more sensual tone as William cultivates the woman of his dreams in the submissive blank slate that is Aubrey. Perhaps most enticing is the man's desire to build up the shredded self esteem of the young barista, almost at any cost. His passion for his work, his family and his love make the anti-hero of book one the dominant dreamboat of book two. Aubrey's growth and sense of self, as seen through the eyes of William, are more palatable in many ways. (Call it the rose colored glasses of love, but William's voice quiets the self-doubting, self-berating of the previously abused woman). As the story unfolds, the reader meets William's friends and family. The true significance of Aubrey in his life dazzles the reader into hoping the culmination will be a traditional HEA. Without divulging any story details or spoiler alerts, it is safe to say the author leads the reader to believe William's strength and the love of his family will finally heal the broken bird that is Aubrey....until the unforeseen cliffhanger. For certain, all readers who are hooked by Touch My Heart will be clamoring for the final installment in this surprisingly romantic erotic tale of a man, a woman and the needs that only each other can fulfill. Well done Ms. Beck - you have hit your stride!