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  • Storyteller on Nov. 10, 2010

    While starting Storyteller I must admit it took me a couple tries to get into this novel. (I don't normally like historical fiction) When I got into it though, I found I couldn't put the Storyteller down. G.R. Grove paints an excellent picture of the life of a bard named Gwernin Kyuaryd, while he wanders Wales in the year 550 AD, Each chapter weaves a new story of Gwernin bringing him closer to reality as it goes. I particularly enjoyed the first story when he describes the encounter he had with an owl whom our bard compares to a ghost. Though I am not a historian, this story has brought me into an understanding of what life must have been like for bards of the sixth century Europe. I recommend Storyteller to both fans of historical fiction and those who tend to stray away from that genre alike and allow the storyteller to weave his magic together for you. I look forward to reading the next installment, Flight of the Hawk, in this series. “But that, O my children, is a story for another day.”