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Smashwords book reviews by Jessica Hillgrove

  • The Daddy Pact on Dec. 04, 2011

    I liked this book, It was good. It was missing a couple words though, I guess I should have taken notes as to where they were. There was also I sentence that should have said Now but said How instead, something like that, but I knew what she meant. But I thought the whole fight at the end was silly and unnecessary. But still a good read.
  • The Beauty and Beast E on Dec. 05, 2011

    This is a good beginning but was cut short.
  • Marriage by Mistake on Dec. 06, 2011

    Really loved it, I couldn't put my computer down because I was enjoying reading it so much. I could have done without the sex, but I skipped it. Very good story.
  • Gracelynn on Dec. 08, 2011

  • Veiled Eyes on Dec. 13, 2011

    Very good book.
  • Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight on Dec. 13, 2011

    I stayed up so late reading this book, I couldn't stand to go to sleep and stop reading, it was so so so good. But at the end I was disappointed that things were not resolved. I felt Ellery should not have left things undone and unsaid, but I guess thats what the second book is for.
  • Someone Else's Fairytale on Dec. 28, 2011

    I was very drawn into the story, I really liked it and wasn't sure how it was going to end as there were many possibilities, but it was good.
  • Dial 'M' for Mascara on Dec. 30, 2011

    I have really liked the other books from CL Bevill that I have read. I really liked this book at first. But I didn't really like the whole ending and was a little disappointed that it wasn't as exciting as the beginning and middle.
  • Looking for Mr. Right on Jan. 23, 2012

    I thought this was a cute book, I just thought the ending as a little rushed. I think it could have had an extra chapter to wrap things up a little nicer.
  • A Holiday to Remember on Jan. 29, 2012

    liked it.
  • Disembodied Bones on Feb. 10, 2012

    Another great story from CL Bevill. I love all the ones I have read and if I could read only CL's books I would. I love them so much I can't put them down, they are THAT good, but I also hate that I CANT put it down, because I have a herd time getting anything else done.
  • Lucky for Her on Feb. 17, 2012

    good story.
  • From Now Until Forever on Feb. 17, 2012

    cute story, not long. A little confusing at times, like there were parts missing, but I pieced it together. Maybe it was just me.
  • Interlude on Feb. 23, 2012

    I was surprised by the other reviews. I didn't like the character or the choices she made. But I guess we are all different.
  • Danger Zone (Short story) on Feb. 23, 2012

    Good story.
  • Love For Lenore on Feb. 23, 2012

    Cute book, I liked it.
  • Whole Once More on Feb. 23, 2012

    Really great story, I liked reading about Robyn and Ryan.
  • Shawnee's Creek on Feb. 27, 2012

    Spoiler alert. I didn't really like the character in this book. I had a hard time getting to know them. Years went by without much explanation as to what happened during that time. I didn't know what kind of relationship Shawnee and Emory had and when Shawnee left I assumed that Emory was afraid of commitment and later found out that if was the other way around. Shawnee seemed flighty which I didn't know until she left and it sounded like everyone thought it was inevitable. Then the sister died which I thought was unnecessary. Her dying brought nothing to the story, only leaving Shawnee with no sister and Mason with no wife. Is it a true story or something? Is that why there couldn't have been a somewhat happy ending? I don't know, but I didn't like it. Sorry
  • A New Dream on Feb. 27, 2012

    I started out liking this book just fine. Matt and Violet seemed nice enough, but I didn't really understand the relationships they had with their parents. Their parents were way too involved in their children's lives. And they lived with their parents even though Matts father was such a jerk to him, yet Matt had no reason to move out? Violets family seemed old fashion which would have been fine if it was explained by religious reasons or maybe the book was based in the 50's which it wasn't. Then Stacey was added making Violet distrust Matt, and Matt was stupid to not get a DNA test in the beginning. I just ended up not liking it, and forcing myself to finish it.