Thomas Hilmersen


As a young man, Thomas Hilmersen moved from his native country Norway to Los Angeles, where he pursued a bachelor degree in business administration. After earning near perfect grades, he went on to become a financial consultant in San Diego and Los Angeles, then continued his education with an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.

After another year of perfect grades, Hilmersen got and accepted an offer to work as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch in New York. However, he soon discovered that the "dream job" was more of a nightmare. The hours were back-breaking, much of the work horrendously tedious, and the overall lifestyle one of large financial rewards and little meaning. After getting laid off in the aftermath of the dotcom-crash in 2001, Hilmersen set out to explore alternative ways to achieve happiness. He became an art photographer, started meditating and moved to the white beaches of the Mexican Riviera.

The story didn't end there, however. Hilmersen realized he thirsted for more challenges than what the idyllic town of Playa del Carmen could offer. He returned to Norway and eventually ended up as a journalist for the finance newspaper Finansavisen. The move was supposed to be temporary, but Hilmersen soon discovered that he had found his passion: writing. Over the following years, he wrote thousands of articles, as well as publishing books about both finance/economy and minimalism. In 2009, he made another big change, by leaving the oppressive collectivism of Norway and moving to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. Presently, he is happier than ever before in his life.

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