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Latest book: Long, Lusty Tales. Published January 8, 2019.

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  • Selling Her Body on Oct. 09, 2014

    Having decided on a home because of this very sales technique I assure you that it is a common one. This story has enough plot to hold an interest and has lots and lots of very steamy sex. It was also free from the grammatical and spelling errors that are so frequently found.
  • The Partner Swap on Oct. 09, 2014

    Another fine work by Ms. Hall. She maintains her usual high standards. Hot, believable, well constructed and very satisfying.
  • Steve and Julie's Epic Family Sex Adventure on Oct. 31, 2014

    This is a large step up from the usual erotic work. It has a story line, an identifiable cast of characters that really seem to have personalities, and a logical conclusion. That is in addition to being hugely sexy. Well drawn detailed encounters that cover the full range of sexual possibilities. I really cannot recommend this too highly.
  • Sarissa's Sexual Adventures at Sorcery School on May 28, 2015

    A very good novel. It serves as both an hysterical send-up of the school of magic literature. Yes, I am looking at you Ms R. and a hugely erotic story. For everyone who has ever thought "If magic worked the first thing I would do would be to make my ______ bigger. This is the book for you.
  • Ashley's Japanese Sex Adventure on Jan. 23, 2018

    I truly like this author. She writes wonderful erotica and also she manages to do something that is becoming exceedingly rare among folks who write in any genre. She has the ability to write a coherent English sentence. I have great hopes of seeing Ashley travel further.
  • Cosplay Bingo on April 04, 2018

    A truly funny (and very erotic) sendup of cosplay culture. Our friends attend a cosplay convention and join in the idea of changing a few rules in the bingo game often played at such gatherings. To cross off a square in their game one must have a sexual encounter with the character not just see them. The loser pays an interesting forfeit. This leads to a series of events that concludes in a final twist that is funny and delightful. I truly enjoyed this story and found it sexy and well written. The author continues to delight and again I recommend this to anyone who reads erotica.
  • The Daddy Swap on April 09, 2018

    Two couples, two daughters, one shared tragedy. Five years ago, the mothers were taken away by a car wreck. This year they try a to literally get away from it all and travel to Jamaica. The daughters are of age and adventurous the fathers are ready to join the game again. Take this and mix with the fantastic mind of the author and you have another Nikki Dark blockbuster. The author spins a fine story once again with characters that feel real and with sex that seems believable. This is a hot and steamy tale that is also a very good read. Unlike many works of erotica this author can both tell a good story and write coherently. A mix that has turned out hit after hit. This is a great book and I recommend it to all readers of this genre of fiction.