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  • A Valentine For Victoria on Feb. 17, 2011

    I found "A Valentine for Victoria" to be both a serious read, at first and a fun read also. There is one scene that lasts a bit that could be triggering to those who are survivors of Sexual Assault, but I can assure you that it is in no way a glorified scene. I found the scene to be a necessary part of the book. If you are willing to read this book knowing that there is an attempted sexual assault scene involved, and also knowing that the author did her best to portray it in the manner one would assume would or could have happened then you'll end up reading a very nice story. Victoria is a business woman. No nonsense. Joel is a blue collar worker. One day their worlds meet in a manner that leaves them both a little shook up. Read "A Valentine for Victoria" and find out much more.
  • Victoria's Secret on Feb. 17, 2011

    This was a very good read. I liked it as much as "A Valentine for Victoria." Victoria's Secret begins much like Lainey's free Valentine Read, but that's where the similarities end. I don't want to say too much because it would give away the whole here is something that isn't a secret. This book is well worth reading.
  • Finding Your Heart II, A Gay Romance Happily Ever After on March 09, 2012

    Finding Your Heart II was short and sweet in it's own way. Casey has come home to his hometown, and catches up with Paul, his former lover. Some words pass between them, they end up at Paul's hotel where they talk some more and then some sizzling sex takes place. Sounds like a 4 star review for sure, right? Nope. Here's why. I downloaded this and the Finding Your Heart I. Read this one first. Attempted to read the second one. What a cop out. All the author did was change he to she, him to her, cock to cunt..and put out a second book, second version. If this was an experiment by Ms. Valentine, it failed miserably, in this reviewer's opinion. If a book can so easily have the pronouns change, the gender of the main character, then there is nothing special about that character. By doing this with Finding Your Heart, Ms Valentine cheapened what had been a decent read to being nothing but another piece of smut with not rhyme or reason. Ms. Valentine has lost a potential reader in my, unless someone can convince me she's worth taking another look at. I hope she doesn't do this with another book. If so, I can assure you, I'm done. So. Finding Your Heart II, the one I actually finished reading comes in with a ** review. This is down from the intended **** review I had ready until attempting to read Vol. I. Bad move, Ms. Valentine. Bad move.
  • The Accidental Rebel on March 09, 2012

    I'm afraid I have found each of these by Joshua Graham to be nothing more than a lot of self-promotion. My husband attempted to read them also. Neither of us ever got past the first chapter. I rate it a 1 only so it shows up on the Ratings Radar. No ratings don't seem to count in the scheme of things. Not worth paying money for. If you want to read something murky and ploddy, wait until it goes free. It will. They all have.
  • Highland Heat on July 03, 2012

    Title: Highland Heat Author: Sasha White Publisher: Sasha White Publish Date: 2011 Higland Heat by Sasha White is an erotic romance with a bit of menage thrown in. Not your sterotypical menage from the get go, this one involves a man trapped for 300 years in a crystal ball by a witch; a doctor who loves his wife, but is unable to give her all she needs sexually, and a wife who is in love with two men. Dougal is a Scottish, dark haired man, with much to learn about modern day. He's been in love with his neighbor's wife since he moved in to the apartment next to them about 4 months ago. He wants her, not just sexually, but for always. John is the Doctor who has loved his wife since they were very young. Even when he left to go to Medical School, he knew he'd go back to their town and marry her. He tries to give her all she needs and wants, but there are some things he just cannot give her, like the domiance she craves in the bedroom so much. Kathryn is the woman in the middle. In love with her husband, and drawn to Dougal, she is despearte to get him to notice her. Working in her favor, is her husband's kink for watching. This feeds his voyer side and thankfully, he too wants Dougal to be with them. I very much enjoyed this read. It's a short, hot, erotic tale of one woman and two men. The lengths that John and Kathyrn go to in order to seduce Dougal are really quite amusing and also endearing. Both truly want him to be part of their life, even when Dougal reveals a secret known only by a select few. We the readers know the secret, but watching it unfold for the characters is enjoyable. I like how well Sasha is able to give us quite a bit of insight within the short 39 pages of this story. The only problem I had was reading the “Scottish brouge” when Dougal was only thinking, not speaking. I kept missreading wouldna as wouldn't. Otherwise, this story is quite good, and once you realize that little quirk, it's easy to read. I don't usually do the star system, but for Amazon and others who do, I give this a 4 star. (Actually, if I could, it would be 4 ½) For a quick read, check it out. Disclaimer: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.