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Welcome to Peace Hunter Publishing, a company dedicated to promoting peace, understanding, and social justice through the power of words.

Our Story:
Peace Hunter Publishing was founded in 2019 by a group of passionate writers and readers who shared a vision of using literature to promote peace and social change. As avid readers, we were frustrated by the lack of diversity and representation in mainstream publishing and the limited opportunities available to emerging writers. We knew that we could do better, and thus, Peace Hunter Publishing was born.

Our Approach:
At Peace Hunter Publishing, we believe that books have the power to transform lives and change the world. We are committed to publishing and promoting books that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that highlight the experiences of underrepresented communities. Our team of editors and writers are dedicated to selecting and producing books that inspire critical thinking, spark meaningful conversations, and ultimately contribute to a more peaceful and just society.

Our Books:
Our catalogue includes a wide variety of books, from novels and memoirs to poetry and children's literature. We strive to provide a platform for writers whose voices may not be heard in mainstream publishing, and we believe that their stories are important and deserve to be told. Whether you are looking for a thought-provoking novel or a heartwarming children's book, you will find something meaningful and inspiring in our collection.

Our Commitment:
At Peace Hunter Publishing, we are committed to promoting peace, understanding, and social justice both through our books and our actions. We donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support these values and work to make the world a better place. We are also committed to sustainability, and we use eco-friendly materials and practices whenever possible.

Thank you for visiting our publishing page, and we hope that you will join us on our mission to promote peace, understanding, and social justice through the power of words.


15 Temmuz Şeyi
You set the price! Words: 70,690. Language: Turkish. Published: March 17, 2021 . Categories: Nonfiction » Social Science » Violence in Society, Nonfiction » Law » Courts & trial practice
Fransız mahkemelerinde yaptığı savunma ile dünya literatürüne giren Dreyfus savunması gibi yine dünya literatürüne girecek olan 15 Temmuz ile dönüşüme giren Türk hukuk tarihine yapılan M. Barış Avıalan'ın savunmasıdır.
Ne Gülüyorsun, Anlattığım Senin Hikayendir!
You set the price! Words: 154,440. Language: Turkish. Published: November 13, 2020 . Categories: Essay » Political, Nonfiction » Law » Criminal » Sentencing
15 Temmuz Tiyatrosunda "Sözde Konsey Üyesi" olmakla suçlanan, sapasaglam girdiği cezaevinde hastalanan, kötü muamele, kasıt ve ihmal ile saglik durumu gittikçe kotulesen, en son gönderildiği hastaneden heyet kararı ile "infaz erteleme raporu" almasına rağmen tahliye ve tedavi hakki engellenen ve tek kisilik hücrede ölüme terkedilen şehit hukukçu Kurmay Albay Mustafa Barış Avıalan

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