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Smashwords book reviews by hlavine

  • Quotes to Live By - Goals, Health, Fitness, Financial, Relationships, Spiritual on March 25, 2010

    Bob hit the nail on the head with this wonderful, insightful and quotable book. Each quote can be applied to anybody's life and you'll find yourself changing the way you think of some of the things in this world around us. Easy to read in one sitting, but you'll keep going back and rereading again and again. A great book to add to your "quotable quotes" collection!
  • Black Wolf: Lakota Man on April 05, 2010

    Black Wolf: Lakota Man delivers that special something that readers everywhere crave; a book that keeps them going and wanting to come back for more. You will form a bond with Caleb and may even find yourself rooting for him in various parts of the book. Author Magnolia Belle takes the pen and does what so few romance authors can do; she makes the characters lively and interesting. This will be a series worth reading!