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An entrepreneur, environmentalist, racer, wine lover, writer, and many more random things. Haresh has started writing through poetry and upon its mastery (mostly boredom, you cannot truly master writing as it is an evolving process) has shifted to experimenting with essay and short stories.

Haresh's passion in short story lies in being able to dwell within the universe of consciousness and experimenting, dissecting, and in short, exploring and destroying and recreating thoughts, concepts, interjecting hallucinations and twists focused on something deeper, engaging the reader to jump in and explore together

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Evolution of Insanity
You set the price! Words: 54,800. Language: English. Published: February 20, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
(4.67 from 12 reviews)
An author having a conversation with his fictional character, or losing control of his character, mind numbing points leading one twists and turns spinning the mind of the reader with hallucinogenic colors, concepts, and eurekas.

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  • Zombie Field: The Rise and Fall on March 13, 2011

    When Razorback asked me to review his book, the title honestly made me think twice. The last thing I wanted to do was read a book on zombies or vampires and such. But when I read the details below, I have to say, it got me captivated. Now I am not a very big fan of action books and science fiction is not entirely my cup of tea, but I do not mind reading them once a while. I am giving this precaution to readers because it then becomes a greater challenge for the author, Razorback, to design a book for a person who is not entirely interested in his genre. But he has done a good job as far. I did enjoy the book's storyline for I found it unique and it drives well with my imagination. I can see the movie in my head and I would actually recommend that movie to friends as something worth watching. The visuals, flow, and structure has been done well and has me enjoying the whole piece. As previously stated, I am not entirely a fan of this genre, so it was a little heavy for me to continue reading, given that I am a bigger fan of comedies or thought provoking books. Nonetheless, the fact that I can give 4 stars is beyond impressive for the author and his piece. If you are a fan of action and science fiction, this is a good read. If you have a wild imagination and would like to see Brandi's silky skin, this book is definitely a must read. Kudos again to the author.
  • For Nothing on May 20, 2011

    For the big fans of mafia fiction, For Nothing has to be in your library for its style in writing. Reading Nicholas' book, I found myself living the realism of mafia life. Its constant worry on living has been obscured by revenge and the constant need to survive blurred by politics and what is in the future, or if there is any. The book has many twists as it gets to the end, and as you draw closer, you see more possibilities of a different ending, it is limitless, and turning the page from one to the next never ends, it is an insatiable urge to want to know what happens next. Nicholas has done an amazing job in narrating. A recommended book that really puts you in the shoes, a rare gem indeed
  • A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends Book 1) on May 24, 2011

    This has got to be one of the fewest vampire stories I actually liked :) Jayde has been able to infuse light humor, non-cheesy romance, and a great story in one amazing book. It was like Douglas Adams on vampire stories, it was enjoyable, and mostly witty, just as how I like 'em. The synopsis in itself said it well, it was indeed a job from hell, but seeing both voices in the book, and seeing her utter confusion in a newfound situation, to accept the whole thought of vampires must be overpowering, and to be put in the politics of the entire thing is something completely different. And to imagine, I finished the book in a day, I just cannot put it down.
  • A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends Book 1) on June 02, 2011

    This has got to be one of the fewest vampire stories I actually liked :) Jayde has been able to infuse light humor, non-cheesy romance, and a great story in one amazing book. It was like Douglas Adams on vampire stories, it was enjoyable, and mostly witty, just as how I like 'em. It is now to take note that I had decided to take a second stab at reading the book, which has at first impressed me, but on 2nd view, it is beyond mere impressive. Impressive becomes an understatement on how the story was laid out, how the characters flowed, and each character can be felt, their features and morals can be imagined, judged, and approached. The subtle details such as the bed posts, the unkempt trays are well embroidered, painted on and delectably chiseled in my mind as I have taken a short travel mentally to a place where Jayde wanted me to be, as a guest in the house in Scotland, sharing a few interesting chats with vampires by the fireplace. And out I stared on the window, watching the forest in pining curiosity of wanting to see what was seen, and feel that experience again of uncertainty on who else is watching and what is their intent. Mesmerizing, as is the author and her book. Truly a remarkable piece.
  • Much Ado About Russian The Fair Hero Series: Book One on Aug. 16, 2011

    I finished Kerry's book in a day. It was a very light and easy read, it was a good Sunday light paperback where you can sit down and relax. What I have enjoyed with Kerry's book is its more realistic viewpoint in vampires, faeries, and shape shifters. Kerry has been able to break down the practicalities of vampires against myths, and has taken out religious dogmas usually plaguing traditional vampires and replaced it with something that has proper government and traditions, that follow a unique set of biological points that seem to be a lot more practical. In short, it makes vampires a lot more believable especially in this day and age where a lot of religious legends no longer apply. This book has truly brought modernity and authentic belief in a timely manner. As you do read the book, you will find yourself immersed in the world of an annoying (she did feel annoying) main character who seems to step over bounds and react emotionally before thinking out her action. I find it annoying that she does not look into logic and reason and just jumps to an emotional conclusion, which gets her to more trouble. Then, I thought about it, and realized that half the women I dated were that annoying, a quarter were too logical and boring, and the perfect mature and balanced women were a decade older. This was thus a normal reaction for such a situation. This book is definitely something you would like to put in your book shelf for that relaxed read, or something to give as a gift to a friend who has a daughter who loves to read. A definite thumbs up
  • The Bones of the Earth on May 02, 2012

    It did take me time to get to reading this book due to pending work, and honestly, thanks to this book, my load of work has further increased. The moment I have started reading this book, I found it almost impossible to put it down. Scott has a very fluid and colorful way of telling a story, and it does not stop and drag in the middle, he brings you from one place to the next, like a vagabond, awaiting to see what comes next, and who will be the next girl beside the main hero. Fantasy stories have not been my most favorite, but this book has suited me very well. I like Scott's imagination and methodology and was curious on how he could try to pull off a fantasy without looking like a me too. He did a great job. A book I highly recommend for others to read.