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  • Quest of the Demon on Aug. 18, 2011

    Overall, I really enjoyed this book. This is kind of random, but I thought the map at the beginning was kind of cool. As much as I did enjoy the book, I had a few things I didn't like. There were some mistakes throughout the book, but I was expecting that because it's self-published. *There will be some spoilers in the rest of the review* Darci's relationships with Leif and Taslessian. At the beginning, it seems like there's something going on with Darci and Taslessian. They even kiss (granted they're both drunk). Then, at about the middle of the book, they just seem to stop talking to each other. Granted Taslessian has kind of shut himself off from everyone, but I still thought it was kind of weird. As for Darci and Leif, I was kind of confused with their whole relationship. It's hard to tell what's going on with them. It was just a bit confusing. I was also a bit confused with the ending. It just seemed so abrupt. Darci just wakes up at home. I couldn't tell if that had happened right when her and the Demon disappeared or if something else happened that she just doesn't remember. Middle-aged Taslessian showing up at the end was also surprising. I really want to read the sequel. (I'm asuming there will be one based on that ending.) I'm hoping that will help make sense of the first one's ending a bit. Regardless of all that, I did enjoy this book, and I found it very interesting. I definitely want to read the sequel. I want to see what happens between Darci and Taslessian. I found the world the author created very interesting, and I always love reading fantasy books with magic in them. I loved the dragons in this story so much. It was a great book, if a little confusing at some points. I was also a little surprised at how gory a couple of the scenes were. I wasn't expecting it, but I don't think it was a bad thing.