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Höbin Luckyfeller is what people refer to as a field-scribe-historian (or fishis for short), hence the term—field work is for the fishis. He specializes in acquiring unique information, not readily available to a ‘normal’ historian (that means the yahoo’s who still write with pen and paper instead of using a laptop).

The fact is, he’s famous for one special reason: He’s gone where no Gnome has gone before.
Höbin’s qualifications include studying under the renown scribe and botanist Bigsby Bumblebutt, earning his Field Degree from Clock- works Academy. After the Gate War, he requested isle-leave from the Government Faction and got his black card, taking his surviving two children—Alhannah and Green with him on remote field as- signments. Since then he’s earned a doctorate in both field analytics, animal linguistics and graduated as a Qualified Crocodile through the human performance mastery program under the tutelage of Roger Anthony (www.crocodilesinternational.com).

He is proficient in arcane analysis, magic fundamentals and ad- vanced cybernetic adaptation and engineering. Höbin also makes a mean quiche and an impressive lemon sorbet.

Smashwords Interview

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
You mean other than needing to empty my old bladder or avoiding the beasts wanting to eat my face while in the field?

I love knowledge. Even more important is sharing that knowledge with others. The biggest rush for me, though, is obtaining that knowledge. The very process of learning and searching to discover what someone else has never found or to gain that little glimmering gold nugget....that's the REAL prize.

My goal is simple: To live each day as if I had hours left to discover all the wealth of knowledge I can.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Well, I have a regular spot saved for me in the back corner of The Roadkill Tavern, where its proprietor, Wood, has a never-ending flow of spiced potatoes and Black Seed Rum waiting for me.

...ok, it only flows as long as my tab holds out, but you get my meaning.

If I'm lucky, I'll have a visit from my daughter, Alhannah...and if TGII smiles on me, Green might show up. Unfortunately he brings Huey with him, but can't do much about that.
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