Hollie Humphrey


Hi my name is Hollie and I'm very pleased to meet you. The picture is of me taken recently on a holiday in France. I'm married with 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren, 1 boy and 3 girls and between them they certainly keep us busy!

I have been reading all the other Author pages on Amazon and they are very glamorous quite unlike my own life. I have worked as an IT Trainer for the last 25 years and I have no formal qualifications to write a book on weight loss. I do not have any exams in nutrition or exercise and I do not have any affiliations to any company selling diet foods, pills or potions.

My books are written from the heart, because for my entire life I have struggled with my weight. Sometimes I have been a size 8 and at others an 18! Therefore, I know from first hand experience how debilitating being overweight can be.

My hobbies include looking after my twin grandaughters and I adore turning dull and unloved pieces of furniture into shabby chic gorgeousness and renovating our house - which needs a lot of renovating!

I took up golf several years ago and contrary to popular to believe it is not a good walk spoilt at all but a great challenge, excellent exercise and a fabulous calorie burner!

I used to ski until I was involved in a skiing accident in Italy, which resulted in 4 operations on my knee and a year's stint on crutches. During this period I managed to gain yet another 2 stone. So you see I really do know what I talking about.


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