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Smashwords book reviews by hcollins

  • The Keeping on Jan. 26, 2012

    I LOVE this series. It is by far one of the best I have come across EVER!! The story line draws you in and hooks you through all 4 books. Each book is just as strong as the last. To the reviewer who was so negative on this story and the characters... all I can say to you is NON-FICTION. Stick to that and maybe you will find what is right up your alley. There are so many books out there where werewolves can shift at will and not just during full moons and as for where their clothes went when they shifted well that is called USE YOUR IMAGINATION. She is not the only author who has SUCCESSFULLY done this. Read Keri Arthurs Dark Angel Series where the main character can "shift" into smoke and as long as she is in physical contact with certain things like her Cell Phone or a Weapon it will "Magically" make it through the shift. But even at that it just goes to show the author is able to think outside the box and create a world of her own. To the Author keep writing and PLEASE PLEASE do not let peoples lack of imagination or ignorance detour you from the path you have chosen.