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  • THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR non-fiction book writing for busy people on Dec. 22, 2011

    My first ever book review! Usually I wouldn't take the time to do this but I owe Bob Bannon at least a review for his book. I bought the ebook "The One Hour Author", started into it and then thought, "I should at least read some of Robert Bannon's work to see if I even like his style." I borrowed "Hiking the West Coast trail" from the library. I am a paraplegic, 53 year old woman and it made me want to go hike the trail, so yes, I like your style! Bad news first Bob, I won't be hiring you to help me write my book! That book is already in my head because it's a biography, but in spite of the half dozen "how to write a book" books that I've read, I was just spinning my wheels. I'm not sure if I was at a critical mass stage where things just fell into place when I read "The One Hour Author" or if your advice alone made the pieces fall into place for my own writing process. Probably a bit of both. Whatever the cause, I'm too busy writing a book to need you to coach me on "writing a book"! I hope you make enough on "The One Hour Author" to at least cover what I was more than willing to pay you for one on one help. Thanks Bob,I will keep you posted. Holly Crichton