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Jean-Claude Carvill was born in Lyon, France. A famous editor told him he was too outrageous for the American public, he will never be published in US, because American readers were not ready yet for his writing. However, his market was in Europe. It is for that reason he is often called the “Henri Miller of the 21st century”.
He is a Beverly Hills Sensuality Intimacy Coach with over 20 years of professional experience. He is also a dedicated tantra masseur, and, since 1980, when he gave his first tantra massage, he managed to help hundreds of women to get in touch with their sensuality. Coming from France, Jean-Claude grew up in a more liberal and free-spirited society and had the chance to understand the importance of one's sensuality in one's life. Wanting to help women experience a fulfilled intimate life, he has traveled through Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Australia, in order to learn the secret techniques of tantric massage. His activity grew through word-of-mouth- marketing and found its main life within circles of women with women who have a genuine desire for the growth and discovery of their sexual fulfillment. His goal is to help them with their journey to better sex, better lives and enhanced self-esteem. As an intimacy coach, Jean-Claude Carvill gives seminars on the awareness of female sexuality, but also coaches individual women that find themselves in a difficult spot in their relationships. Most often, women that come to Jean-Claude Carvill for sensuality coaching find it difficult to reach orgasm during intercourse, feel that they can't open themselves intimately towards their partners or they are already extremely orgasmic but wish to know if there is something more than they are already know. Through moral support and tantric techniques, Jean-Claude Carvill helps these women overcome their fears, become more aware of their bodies and their needs and have a more satisfying relationship with their partners. Those days his main activity is to work on his two books: Confessions of a Hollywood Tantra Masseur: The Untold Secrets of the G-Spot Power and his latest which is a Sensual Guide for Goddesses : Sex Woman First: Teach him how You come first . Jean-Claude Carvill conducts a seminar in Los Angeles occasionally. Jean-Claude has also conducted intimate gatherings for women throughout Australia, Bali, France, Beverly Hills, Chicago and Atlanta. Available online at Amazon, Itunes, Kebo, or email

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