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Latest book: The Taste of New York.
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Latest book: The Taste of New York.
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Smashwords book reviews by holycashews

  • Hybrid Incubator on June 04, 2023

    A wild and uncomfortable ride featuring lots of tentacles and non-con/dub-con. ________ So this was weird as fuck but pretty good actually. Not for those who aren't into dark content. Alex just rolls with it all, he is definitely obsessed with the cause and can't believe this solution also comes with the perk of getting lots of orgasms. As the story progresses, Dr Freely explains that the reason they do this is because the younglings have a higher chance of survival when pumped with the hormones that flood the body during orgasm. Survival rate is even higher when a hybrid mates with an incubator, and Cooper has been showing definite signs of this being the case with Alex. The darkest content was not what I was expecting and came much later in the book; it was intense and I found it very hard to read. I actually skimmed the whole scene first to see the resolution and then went back to read it properly. I did think that Alex's initial trauma over being captured and forced to orgasm against his will was dealt with quite quickly, but the trauma from the above gets a very different treatment and felt a lot more genuine. Overall, I would have liked a bit more romantic development and a bit less science/plot. Alex and Cooper spend a lot of time together, but I found myself questioning the depth of their relationship a few times. The prose is a bit dense. I liked the scientific approach but sometimes the conversations were just confusing and I found myself re-reading paragraphs more than I would have liked. This ends with a HEA.
  • The Uses of Illicit Art on June 11, 2023

    4.5 An engaging historical fantasy, a fun romp with a dark side of revenge. Representation: trans side character It starts off with fun gentle captor x slippery thief vibes, with lots of escaping and capers, then moves into a much darker heist/revenge plot. The first half was in a similar style to Alexis Hall's Something Fabulous (which I disliked but for reasons unrelated to writing style) and it was a lot of fun. There were various allusions to darker times coming though, so the shift didn't come out of nowhere. When it does though, it's pretty gutting, and this was quite a rollercoaster of emotions. It was very satisfying. The main characters were flawed but endearing, the side characters were well-developed, the magic system was interesting, and I like a good revenge plot - in particular when (view spoiler). In the beginning, the MCs don't trust each other, and for good reason. They have strong sexual chemistry, which is put to good use throughout the book. The emotional development comes much later, and after a few false starts and betrayals it felt well-earned. Kit and Alex both make terrible mistakes and act poorly, but their actions always have reasons behind them and I thought they were both redeemable. I liked the magic system, how people's Art seemed to mostly be governed by their own mental limitations, how Kit's mental flexibility allowed him to use his power to his advantage without him needing to be some supercharged hero. It was fun that their powers could be amplified by sexual tension or alcohol. I wish we'd got more details about how the Agency worked though. I really liked that all the main characters were queer. There's a minor plot point when Edith discovers that Lulu is trans and accidentally offends her in her surprise, but none of their sexualities are an issue at all over the course of the book. Is this dubious given the setting? Yeah, but I liked it anyway. There are some CWs that I think should have been mentioned but weren't, I've added them above. The only one mentioned is (view spoiler), which is important, but I was actually a lot more bothered by (view spoiler). Oof. That calls for a lot of grovelling. Overall, this was well-written, but there was some anachronistic speech which bothered me. Yes, I looked into it, and technically the term of endearment "baby" was used from the 17th century onwards, but the way it was used here, and all the dialogue, was just too casual. The way the characters interacted was also too casual for the time period, both the female/male interactions, and the social class differences. I actually think it was to the detriment of the book to have based this on a real period in history, instead of making it a pure fantasy, which probably would have allowed me to ignore my niggles with the dialogue too. All in all, a very satisfying read, and I'll be looking out for the sequel which I think is expected this year.
  • Mind Controlling the Haughty Mage on Nov. 15, 2023

    Surprisingly bland for a non-con story, I expected either more antagonistic, or more romantic tension between the MCs and I wish it had gone on to show the next encounter instead of just setting it up and then ending. Some really nice (non-con) elements though, and well-written, so overall still enjoyable. Tags: magical mind-control, friends watch on, itty-bitty-wiener
  • Don't Judge a Prince by His Undergarments: Another MM Arranged Marriage between a King and a Prince on Nov. 15, 2023

    This was a lighthearted, low angst book with some nice messages about acceptance and standing up for yourself but I found that everything happened too fast and I thought the modern dialogue was distracting.
  • Hurt Me on Nov. 15, 2023

    Emory has always thought he was asexual but has accidentally realised that he definitely does feel arousal, except it only seems to be triggered by pain. His overprotective brother can't let him go out there and be hurt by just anyone though, so he offers himself up for the role. It certainly helps that he's been inappropriately lusting after his brother for some time...good thing for him that the feeling is mutual. This was written in a really casual style that isn't usually my thing, but was perfectly appropriate for the characters so I was able to get into it pretty easily. The whole novella is an extended sex scene and it's well written but I think it would have been worth having even just a brief scene of them afterwards instead of just the insinuation that that's their ever after. And the author mentions it herself, this kind of sits in the middle of the pain scale and I'd have liked her to go just a bit harder...like the accidental CBT that triggered this revelation for Emory, that would've been great to replay between them. Bonus points for "peanut" as a nickname which I think is cute as.
  • A Heart for Him on Nov. 15, 2023

    Very sweet, very hot, low angst. TM Chris’ writing just really works for me, and I think she cleverly conveyed Nor’s simple outlook on things. I am a sucker for the gentle giant protector and the innocent but crafty charge. I do kind of think that (view spoiler) was a bit of a cop-out and I'm glad (view spoiler) Other reviewers seem disappointed with the ending but I thought that was the perfect place to leave it. Not that I'd be opposed to reading more about these two... CW: incest, mpreg.
  • Stuffed on Nov. 15, 2023

    Really enjoyable. Even though I spent half of my time reading this shouting at the characters to just talk about their relationship already, the other half was spent absolutely sweating over the exceptionally hot sex. It was nice to see considered safety measures, too. I've had a few wins with LJ Greene now and definitely plan to go find some more. When I have more free time, I'm going to sit down and tear through Rough Love under her main writing pen.
  • Halloween Dinner Date (Dark Holidays 1) on Nov. 15, 2023

    Very short, very non-con. A vampire and werewolf gang up on a hunter and take their pleasure from him. It was well-written and enjoyable (well...obvious CW for non-con notwithstanding), but it was definitely too short. I'll probably read all the series anyway, hopefully we get a bit more out of the other ones.
  • Paying The Tentacle Boss: A Gay Dubcon Tentacle Sex Short on Nov. 15, 2023

    Supremely good use of tentacles. This one is very slimy and slippery, and somewhat dubious in consent. Only downside is that it's way too short.
  • Thanksgiving Feast on Nov. 15, 2023

    Just as dark, non-con (and hot) as the previous one, but this is so short as to feel really unfinished. Do I keep reading? Probably, because I'm clearly unhinged and morbidly curious.
  • Knotted by the Wolf 1 on Nov. 15, 2023

    Does what it says on the tin: consensual shifted sex, and knotting. It's hot, but it's very short.
  • Second-Guessing Love on Nov. 15, 2023

    I liked the idea of it but the whitefang and 12y gap in the middle didn't do it for me. As a result, I didn't feel much emotional connection between them. The sex was hot but nothing I haven't read before.
  • I'll Tell : A Blackmailing Stepbrother Romance on Nov. 15, 2023

    Very antagonistic stepbrothers sex-fest. I mostly enjoyed this but by the end it was just too repetitive. There's way too much back-and-forth, and going around in circles between the brothers, playing out the same scenario every time, and not nearly enough time spent with them as a couple. There were some hot hot hot sex scenes but I was skimming by the end. It's not like me to say this, but there was just too much sex. And what is with all the dripping saliva? Not sexy.
  • Binding A Page on Nov. 15, 2023

    Sweet, funny, emotional erotic vampire romance I loved how this was written. I thought it was very light and funny, but still had a very strong emotional impact. This was mostly done by having things go smoothly but then catching on something traumatic and flipping the tone. The West Virginia country boy speech seemed very convincing to me, though I'm not American and have never been anywhere near there. Chris was so respectful of Gabe, always thinking past what he was saying to what he was really feeling and meaning. The consent here was 5 stars. The sex scenes were great too, in particular the empathic feedback loop. I also liked all the vampire noises, cuddling cocooned in wings, the methodic washing and teasing. The reversal of the power dynamic was very effective. While I am actually glad they didn't personally confront the previous Ruler, I would have appreciated a scene after the last one with even just a mention of the fallout. This was approx. 90 pages long and I think it was a good length for the scope of the story, but there is definitely room for more (*hint, hint*).
  • New Year's Toast on Nov. 15, 2023

    Marco makes up for pulling Javed away from what's usually a night of debauched revelry by gifting him a surprised homeowner. More non-con, in keeping with the rest of these shorts. I liked this one.
  • When Fantasies Collide on Nov. 15, 2023

    This had a really good premise but was such a letdown. Adrian waits in a private room in a BDSM club catering to forbidden desires; he's chosen the key for the room for father/son incest roleplay. He's about to back out and leave when his son Rhys walks in the door. Rhys is more confident in his desire and manages to convince Adrian to stay for the night and let them have their one time together. The first scene was pretty damn good. Unfortunately, the rest of this was ruined by really stilted dialogue and just too much wishy-washy-ness. The external conflict was OTT. I also thought it was entirely unnecessary, there's more than enough potential for angst just with the nature of the relationship. In the extremely annoying recap summary in the epilogue, it's revealed that due to their taboo relationship, they fell out with some family friends. Honestly, that happening on-page would have made for a much better conflict than what we got.
  • Your Mileage May Vary on Nov. 15, 2023

    I absolutely adore a story about someone doing something for a person they care for even if it isn't their thing. The acceptance and love behind that is staggering to me; look at me over here getting teary-eyed about one character peeing on the other. It's wonderful and kink positive but also shows an unfortunate truth of how many people perceive piss kink. "Gross" - Nuke says it almost involuntarily. I loved their journey together, and I think this was most effective told only from Nuke's POV (not the MC with the piss kink) because it doesn't sink in until the very end how all-encompassing Lee's shame about his desires is, and how deeply it's affected his life. I also particularly appreciated the disconnect that Nuke initially had where he didn’t equate the pissing with a sex act and, oh boy, the angst of it all at the realisation. This had big feels for a small book and the agony was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. On a more practical note, the writing took a bit of getting used to. It's 3rd person present and the story meanders a bit at first with a scene in the present then a flashback to how they met. But then the prose is sharp and witty and I really grew to enjoy it.
  • Ruby: Lost and Found (The Stones of Power Book 1) on Nov. 15, 2023

    Cheesy nostalgia fantasy but make it gay I was in the mood for some old-school fantasy and saw this for free in a Smashwords sale. I thought this would be a solid combo of cheesy fantasy and romance. And it was! So it scratched that itch, but also it reminded me why I don't really read much of that anymore. I read a different edition, but this other cover tells you all you need to know. There's a quest, magic stones and creatures, sword & sorcery-esque vibes, hints of prophecy/chosen one tropes, some supercharged heroes (and villains to an extent), an MC who is a "villain" but really has a heart of gold. Both MCs are strong characters. I'm glad the author didn't decide to go down the damsel in distress path. They both face off a number of times against the (actual) villain, in a set of mini-conflicts, which did lessen the impact of the "boss fight" at the end. It's set in a purely fantastical world, but the POV MC mage has a portal to Earth so he's familiar with modern things and as such the dialogue and general style was quite modern which, while totally valid, for me doesn't work very well with the fantasy setting. Morgoth, the POV character, had a difficult and abusive upbringing, which does explain his lack of self esteem and aversion to emotional connection with others. I nonetheless found his vacillating between pushing Aishe away, and being inexplicably drawn to him, to be quite frustrating at length. It looks like some of this continues into future books which...ugh. There are hints of backstory that have me very intrigued though. If you do read this, I'd advise you don't do like I did and read all the blurbs for the rest of the series because I think you'll spoil some of the mystery. Unless you're like me and you enjoy being spoiled in which case the blurb for book 4 will explain what Aishe won't tell Morgoth in this book.
  • Unlucky Break on Nov. 15, 2023

    Arrgh. The shortest of the bunch, I got to the end and was frustrated by this one. I like how the author has shown snippets of their developing relationship, here they clearly at least value the other's safety as they fight off and kill a hunter, but it's too damn short.
  • Valentine's Bites on Nov. 15, 2023

    No non-con in this one, just knotting and biting at the same time. Again: good writing but too short.
  • An Intimate Charade on Nov. 15, 2023

    I keep reading all these fake dating trope books when I'm really not convinced I like them. I tend to find the premise contrived. No, you actually don't have to go to your evil ex's wedding, let alone bring a pretend date to show you're over them, you can just decline. This one really worked for me though, and I thought the way it came about fit the characters perfectly. Addison is known for running off at the mouth, and he's fiercely loyal to his captain, so it made total sense when upon hearing their business deal threatened by the captain's lack of mate, Addison proclaims that they've all misunderstood and that he's actually mated to the captain. As soon as he says it, he knows he's put his foot in his mouth big time because Galin is a terrible liar and they'll be caught out immediately. And Galin is furious at the deception, not only because he is a terrible liar, but also because he's worried this will reveal his very true feelings for Addison and that they won't be returned. The whole story is a battle between duty and desire. Galin would never impose his attraction on a staff member, nor does Addison want to muddy the waters with his pining. Neither character is a total obliviot but they're each hiding their attraction to the other so well that neither can see how interested the other is. I liked the few points in the story where other characters mention it to them and their slow awareness that maybe there's something there that they haven't noticed. I enjoyed the alien biology elements, the otherness of Galin is only mentioned a few times but I did like the idea of the mating drives and how they seemed to be influenced by the person's state of mind and the presence of a desirable potential mate. I think this information was introduced well in the story and the author managed to avoid a big infodump by having Addison not know all of these details because of how private the aliens had kept them. I also quite liked the rigmarole of the business deal and thought Anatoria was quite a funny character. She really made for a great sneaky, finnicky, rude person who I still kind of liked.
  • Why Love Matters on Nov. 15, 2023

    Short, sweet, improbable. There's not much character development which is understandable given its origins as Merthur fanfic, where the expectation is that readers are already familiar with the character traits and relationship dynamic. But in a 70 (?) page book, I was disappointed to not see more development. On reflection, this could not possibly be 70 pages long, could it? Really, not much happens. I do find I like Jay Northcote's writing and I did like the characters, but they're not even together for the main plot point (the cuddle workshop) which is a big chunk of the book. Really, this seemed to me like it was more about Alistair healing from childhood trauma than it was about romance. I did like the epilogue which was sweet without being cheesy.
  • And I Am Happy on Nov. 15, 2023

    Soft and sweet story between a mediocre valet and his gentleman, with lots of injury caretaking. I was really enjoying this in the beginning but I have to admit I found it kind of fizzled out towards the end as my confusions and questions about the circumstances started to mount. It was never really explained how Will came into Charlie's employ, only that he was selected by his sisters. Now, perhaps Charlie's sisters knew about Will's past as a kept boy and hired him for that, except that Ann states that she knows Charlie wouldn't engage sexually with a staff member. Unless Will's previous employers were lying about his skills (possible), they must have known that he was a terrible valet, so why hire him? I don't know why but I just couldn't get over that detail. I was actually not convinced that Ann disliked Will at all. I think she wanted them to be together all along, and I wish we'd seen the outcome of them deciding to be lovers. I was also a little bit thrown by the setting and it took me a while to remember that this was a steampunk AU, where same-sex couples seemingly aren't outlawed. I feel like the author could've gone a lot harder on the steampunk aspect as it wasn't until halfway through that I was reminded of it. All that said, there were a lot of moments in this that I enjoyed, and I did like the writing style. The scene where Charlie reads to Will while he takes care of Charlie's prosthetic leg was wonderful. I also liked all of Charlie's small tells, the biscuits, the shaving, the pining.
  • Everything He Needs on Nov. 15, 2023

    When Ivan accidentally discovers his brother Eric's need to be dominated sexually to get off, he decides he should finally give in to his confused obsession for him to make sure Eric stays safe. It was pretty hot once they get into it but I found it a little too easy and convenient and that diminished the potential for pining, angst and real taboo vibes.
  • A Lie I Can Live With on Nov. 15, 2023

    Light, easy read about accepting yourself for who you are, and doing the same for others. Endearing characters and nice message but it doesn’t really delve too deep and overall it left me wanting more.
  • The Scent of Blood on Nov. 15, 2023

    Very promising short paranormal story with a hint of romance Faulkner, a "fixer", breaks Caleb out of prison and offers him a job as his bodyguard in return for helping him with his uncontrollable werewolf shifts. This is graphic and violent - the undisclosed disturbing content is on-page murder btw - yet it's also sweet and caring. I want to know more about Faulkner! The single POV is good though, and I enjoyed the mystery around him. I'd love to see this turned into a novel, or a series of short stories with these MCs. For the story alone: 4 stars; but if I knew there was more coming then it would probably have received a higher rating. As is, hah, it ended right when things were getting good.
  • Seducing My Father – a Taboo MM Incest Fantasy on Nov. 15, 2023

    You know what, I quite liked this. I think it would have benefited from being longer with more character development, but I did get some nice pining vibes from the son and the sex scene was hot.
  • Logjammin' – a Taboo MMMMMMMM Fantasy on Nov. 15, 2023

    Oh wow. Free-use but no kissing because it turns out Daddy's a bit jealous - just my kinda vibe. This had some things (namely anal prolapse) that I've never seen before which is always fun though it wasn't really my thing. There were too many men (though that is sort of the point) to keep track of but I got good vibes from everyone and I liked the variety in dick shapes and sizes. Now I want to read the boss' son's sexuality awakening and see him hooking up with Nate.
  • Inside My Twins – a Taboo MMF Incest Fantasy on Nov. 15, 2023

    This did not work for me at all. The baby-ish talk by the twins was a total turn-off.
  • Gay Fetish Fisting - Bondage, Body Worship, WS, and Pig Play for a Teenaged Butt-Slut on Jan. 07, 2024

    Kind of annoyed that I paid for this. Annoying terms include: "fuck tunnel”, “fuck master”, “piss slit”. Also it was dirty & sloppy but IMO it didn't actually have the right elements for pig play so didn't even deliver on what I bought it for.