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  • Inklings on May 20, 2011

    This was the first flash fiction that I’ve read. It was an interesting collection of works. Some of them were cute, others funny, and some I just outright didn’t understand. I’ve never been the kind of reader who analyzes what she’s reading, or enjoys picking things apart to see what kind of double meaning there may be that the author was implying. I just like to read and enjoy. So it’s for that reason, I think, that some of the stories either bored me or just went flying over my head. There were a couple that I liked. Greenie and Cheeky were both cute. I found The Revolt of Coconut Trees to be funny, too. It’s about coconut trees who are willing to be cooperative with humans until humans start abusing them and taking advantage of them. So they attack and wipe out the human race. I suppose I shouldn’t find it funny, but the thought of coconut trees attacking and wiping out the human race makes me laugh. Overall, I thought these stories were cute, and a great starting place for a new author. However, I don’t really think they were for me. It was probably just a personality conflict between me and the author, considering she “likes books that make her think deep,” which I totally do not. Still, it’s a quick read (just 9 ebook pages), so check it out on Smashwords if you’re interested.