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  • The Falcon's Chase on March 30, 2013
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    Review for ‘THE FALCON’S CHASE’ By Kate Monroe I have read quite a number of romance novels in my life, and there are only a few whose stories have remained with me. I must say, ‘THE FALCON’S CHASE’ by Kate Monroe will be one of those memorable books. I was caught up in this steampunk romance from the very first page, and this whirlwind of an adventure never stopped. Starting with a jailbreak was a clever hook for the reader. Her main characters were engaging, and were supported by an entertaining entourage of pirates and villains. The retro futuristic elements were portrayed in such a vivid manner that made the airship and nanites appear authentic. Kate Monroe was able to skillfully portray this alternate British history combined with true factual elements. There were some masterfully crafted twists in this story that made ‘THE FALCON’S CHASE’ difficult to put down. If you enjoy romance which takes your main characters through perilous situations, and a treacherous villain they must confront before they can truly be together, then you will enjoy Arianna and Rueben’s high sea…er, air, adventure! Consider picking up a copy of ‘THE FALCON’S CHASE’. You won’t regret it. Suzie Lockhart Author/Editor