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Reaching for the light! I'm an avid reader with a penchant for Jesus and Christian Living. I'll share the experiences I'm given by God through my blogs. I have 2 blogs that I currently update pretty much daily: and

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  • Seeking a Miracle on July 09, 2011

    Pleasant Surprise! Love this book, and hope Julie will write more. Scripturally Sound and easy to read. Written in small snippets, so I use it as a devotional.
  • What the F*ck is a Christian Anyway? on July 09, 2011

    Very Short and to the point =3 pages long. Not offensive, even if the title is. Doesn't quite answer the question, either, but makes a point about what questions should be asked. Rather, I'd like to see the Author talk about how God enables us to help people and shows us how to do it, rather than just following a biblical example.
  • Flowers Over the Wall Diet Bible Study on July 14, 2011

    I have done Gwen Shamblin's bible study, and there are some similar parts in this devotional. But I think this book is better! I wish I had it in paper format, but I am using a notebook along side it. Thank you for being obedient in writing this book, I needed it.
  • Prayer Walking for Spiritual Breakthrough on Oct. 31, 2011

    Prayer walking is a very Biblical concept. Enoch walked with God. Daniel walked along the river praying when an angel spoke to him. Joshua and the Israelites walked around Jericho praying and praising to bring down walls. After reading this book I was inspired to begin adding prayer walking to my own spiritual journey. I have not been disappointed! God has taught me so many new things by being obedient in this little thing. I highly suggest prayer walking to all!!! I genuinely wanted to give this book 5 stars, but couldn't, because in my opinion this book needed to be broken down into two separate works: "Prayer Walking for Beginners" and "Advanced Prayer Walking." As a beginner, I found some of the more advanced spiritual warfare walking to be intimidating and over my head. Stronger spiritual warriors than I might find that section to be perfect for them, but it wasn't my cup of tea.