Mzzz Kitty

Smashwords book reviews by Mzzz Kitty

  • Kelley the Farmhand on June 26, 2012

    Loved these books!! I hope there will be more like it to come :D
  • Paying the Debt, Part 1 on Aug. 03, 2012

    This book and the sequel are amazing. I wish there were more books to the series :)
  • The Contract on Sep. 16, 2012

    I love love love this author's training stories and can only hope he continues to write for a very long time. Total 5 star smut for BDSM lovers :D
  • Paying the Debt, Part 2 on Sep. 16, 2012

    A deliciously dirty and depraved sequel. There is a great ending and awesome plot to this book, are very rare feature in smut :)
  • Daddy's Slave Daughter Complete Series on May 31, 2021

    This was terrible. The spelling was bad, the grammar was worse and the writing was incomprehensible in places. The story started out erotic in the 5% freebee but once you pay for the story you find out it falls off fast. The first 50% is just a repetitive cycle of the exact same scene; dialogue and actions. The writing is just straight up bad. There are a few places where the story gets interesting but the author spends more time blithering and repeating previous thoughts than allowing the story to really progress.