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  • Cows! on July 24, 2013

    As I write this I am sitting in my basement, in silence, lights off, and every part of me is covered by a blanket. At this very moment, a passerby would think the house is completely empty as the only light that exists is that emitting from my laptop and that too is securely under my blanket. Why? That's simple... it is possible that there are COWS! within a one mile radius of my home. Well... it is highly unlikely, I mean, I haven't seen any in the surrounding area BUT anything is possible and I would rather be safe than sorry. Let me explain... Please check out our FULL review by visiting us at Griffin's Honey, http://www.griffinshoney.com/book-review-cows-by-martin-d-rothery/
  • Sheep on July 24, 2013

    Sheep is a well written, unique story, with colorful words that really bring the characters that we meet to life. Rothery has a way of endearing animals to us in a way that almost made me angry with the humans. Yes, that’s right, this meat eating human actually got a little miffed at the actions of the humans in this book. Hmmm… I am starting to wonder if Rothery is a vegetarian/vegan and this is all a conspiracy. That’s may be something to think about! Although I didn’t find Sheep to be quite as amusing as COWS! I was still drawn in by Rothery’s slapstick humor and sustained focus to detail. Also, I absolutely adore the names of each one of the animals… I am befuddled and jealous of Rothery’s creativity. He is a genius mind that has been waiting to break free and I believe these novels have allowed him to do just that. Please check out our FULL review by visiting Griffin's Honey http://www.griffinshoney.com/book-review-sheep-by-martin-d-rothery/
  • Souls of Darkness on July 26, 2013

    If you are a lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and/or horror then this book was written for you. Let’s try another approach … if you grew up reading Goosebumps or Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and liked them, Souls of Darkness is the“grown-up” version. I really enjoyed this book because I like reading “scary”stories. I don’t mind the main character being dark or the surroundings being dismal. When I read books in this genre I really try to focus on the WHY behind the story in the hopes of better understanding what the characters are going through, what they are feeling. Is that odd? Check out our FULL review by vising us at Griffin's Honey http://www.griffinshoney.com/book-review-souls-of-darkness-by-louise-hunt-damon-rathe-and-kenneth-frank/