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I started my love affair with writing at a young age writing fictitious matchday programmes for my beloved Newcastle United. Although never having excelled at English in a school environment, there was one piece of writing in year 7 that my well-respected English teacher Mr Boothroyd singled out as 'masterful', giving me belief and leading to some hi-octane high speed match reports at University for the First XI football team. This culminated in my one and only accolade of Uni Journalist of the Year in 1995. I still have the trophy.

Further match report writing seasons followed in Australia, capturing the essence of youth and senior games, most of which would never have been given any journalistic coverage whatsoever, before a successful two-year stint as newsletter editor for the highly regarded In Off The Post publication for the local football club. Much acclaim for the punchy writing style has sown the seed for a book, and the result of a three-year stop-start writing process is a first novel, Introducing Jarrod Black.

Having grown up in a rural market town in the North East of England, the move to University brought on a subsequent move to France, and from there circumstances took me to Australia, where those ‘two months to see if I like it’ just prior to the Olympic Games in 2000 were the catalyst for permanent residency. I am now approaching 45 years of age, with two smashing kids and a wife who is addicted to triathlons. No slouch on the football field, and a veteran of five Sydney marathons, I now get more out of the game as a coach, manager and referee. Managing a busy IT consultancy, having a wife who is consistently training for the next big race and having two kids with busy school lives does not lend itself to a life of deep thought and pondering for hours over text. It does though give fuel for some observational writing, and makes the time I get to sit and write even more special.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Writing allows a creative process to occur as I type. Often the story takes twists and turns based upon a whim, and it is unusual to change direction once the story gets a full head of steam. So, the most joy is when I get to read a finished section for the first time which has come to life based only on a general story idea.
What does it mean to you when you see that you book has been downloaded?
There is a strange mixed feeling of happiness that someone has trusted their time to the book, and also anxiety that the book might not be what that person is looking for.
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