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A life-long adventurer and explorer, Houston Hare has never stopped dreaming. As a child, he wrote music and poetry, often depicting his journeys into the endless outdoors. As an adult, he hitchhiked across the United States to explore people and the country in which he resides. He has volunteered at farms and in several Central American countries. Through his exploration of the world around him, he found hope. Even though there are horrible tragedies all around us, there is still good.

Now Houston has taken on his next adventure: writing a book that encapsulates the world he knows. His first work, Sprig, is an ongoing web serial brought to print with all of Houston's unique perspectives and creativity put into words.

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Sprig (Book #2)
Series: The Sprig Trilogy. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 121,550. Language: English. Published: February 22, 2023 by Tallstrunt Press LLC. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Adventure » Action
Kaia has found a place among the rejects of the colony. Together, they have already made more progress than the other races who refuse to cooperate. But how long will her relationships last? Are they strong enough to face whoever is behind the disappearances on Daegal? Will the colony survive any more con´Čéict?
Sprig (Book #1)
Series: The Sprig Trilogy. You set the price! Words: 113,170. Language: English. Published: June 23, 2021 by Tallstrunt Press LLC. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Adventure » Action
An endless racial war, a magical island, and a lone girl stuck in the midst of it all. Kaia, one of the last living members of the Treek race, has spent her life in hiding. Each race wields its own form of magic to claim what is theirs and repay the hurt caused by others. When an island appears in the ocean overnight, many see it as a resource. For Kaia, it brings hope...
High Fantasy Magic: A Simple Magic System for Fate Core, Condensed, & Accelerated
You set the price! Words: 4,740. Language: English. Published: November 19, 2019 by Tallstrunt Press LLC. Categories: Nonfiction » Entertainment » Games, puzzles, & brain twisters » Role Playing & Fantasy, Nonfiction » Entertainment » Games, puzzles, & brain twisters » Magic
High Fantasy Magic is a simple, freeform magic system designed for Fate Core and Fate Accelerated. It is a drop-in magic system with a high fantasy tone that sticks closely to Fate Core and provides the same amount of flexibility in character creation and progression.


The Sprig Trilogy
A seed of hope in a world of hate... War rages as land runs out. Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and other races fight for control of the limited space they have. When a land mass suddenly appears out of nowhere, people flock to it, only to be caught up in its mysteries. Kaia, one of the last living members of the Treek race, heads to the new land to find others like herself and escape the war that surrounds her. With conflict at her back, and untamed wilderness ahead, she and the companions she makes discover the truths of the new land and themselves.
Sprig (Book #1)
You set the price!
Sprig (Book #2)
Price: $4.99 USD.

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