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  • There's Something About Jessie on Jan. 02, 2013
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    This book has a twisted story to it. I was able to relate some of the people in this book to what has and is happening in my life as I read this book. If you like twisted everyday life story you will like this book. What I like most of this book was that the author was able to relate bible verses to the situations happening in the story which made a lot of sense even though there were good and bad things happening throughtout the story it made it interesting that the author was able to add God in the mix of a good or bad situation
  • The Audacity of You! on Jan. 02, 2013

    This book has several short stories that talk about what types of circumstances we encounter with people we know in our daily lives. Its about how bold people are to say and do things without thinking or just do things to annoy or shock us cause we do not expect for them to put us in uncomfortable positions. I laughed as I read this book because the situations in these short stories can be true in our lives cause I was able to relate them to my life. Some people just dont care how you feel and hurt us without knowing they are hurtings us when they speak or act towards us. The audacity of them... This is a must read book if your constantly being shocked on the audacity of people speaking or doing things and not seeing how it can reflex on you and others.