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A native of North Carolina, Hydra M. Star is a Southern Belle straight from Hell. At a very early age she developed a deep interest in demonology, the paranormal, and the occult. A long time member of the Church of Satan, wherein she holds the rank and title of Witch, Hydra has never lost her passion for things that go bump in the night. Instead she has used this passion to fuel her many creative endeavors.

Hydra is a dark fiction writer, poet, columnist, and editor. She also owns and publishes, along with her artistic partner Dave Lipscomb, Infernal Ink Magazine, a literary magazine focused on bringing readers stories that embody evil in all it’s gory, humorous, and carnal glory.

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Smashwords book reviews by Hydra M. Star

  • The Tyrant King on Dec. 09, 2012
    (no rating)
    Krystal and Jareth have overcome the legacy of his Uncle Gregory. They’ve started a family of their own and are about see wed Jareth’s sister, Alana, to one of his most trusted friends, Alexander. The wedding is mere hours away, and Krystal is still reeling form the death of her mother and news concerning the death of yet another close family member, when the mysterious Donovan, long lost son of Gregory, turns up at their door. At first it is not known what young Donovan wants from his cousins and former wife of his father, but all too soon it becomes clear and the royal family once more find themselves under threat. This exciting sequel to The Peasant Queen is just as action packed at the first book. Motherhood has done little to slow Krystal down or tame her courageous heart, which is a good thing. Gregory’s crimes are pale in comparison to those of his son. Krystal, her family, and her friends will need all the strength and magical powers they can muster just to survive. I must here pause to give a similar ‘warning’ to parents as I did in my review of the first book, The Peasant Queen. Though not depicted or described in detail the subject of rape and pregnancy as a result of rape is a key element of this book’s storyline. I mention this only because some the youngest young adults might find this subject matter troubling. Moving away from that, this book is a very quick and fun read and I look forward the future books in this series...and the introduction of even more long lost royal family members.
  • Outsider on Dec. 19, 2012

    Sid Wasgo, as the title of the book indicates, is a bit of an outsider. Totally obsessed with the lesbian music scene of London, Sid is herself a former musician, artist, lover of tattoos, and completely and totally uncomfortable in her own skin. Sid is a ‘cutter’, a drinker, and longs to live a life free from being tied to a gender. She has physical problems, mental issues, and is literally in love with Death. She fills her time and nights with concerts, writing, and time spent with friends, which she seems to have plenty of...even if she doesn’t allow them to get close. At the start of the book, Sid’s life if very ‘normal’. A reader who has spent any considerable time in the music scene or lesbian bars will find the situations and characters of the first half of this novel easy to related to and identify as classic music/lesbian types. However, while Sid is busy attending shows and making friends with the members of her favorite band, Second Look, there’s a vampire stalking and killing concert goers. It’s when, Joy, the concert going vampire, sets her sights on the nearsighted Sid that things for the young woman start to get a bit weird...okay a lot weird. From this point the storyline and plot of the book gets quite complex. It is in fact complex from the beginning with transitions from real life to almost dream like excepts from stories penned by the main character and flash backs to long ago deeds done by the various vampires Joy has known. There are also the characters of Life and Death which add to the already teeming cast of oddities and outsiders. By the end of things time itself will be bent. If a reader is looking for a well-written, but unusually told story, this book is a must read.
  • Army of Skeletons on Dec. 20, 2012

    Tinkanesh takes us again into the world of London's music scene for this story. I wonder sometimes if in the back story for her characters if they all, from hir various tales, don't know one another in some way. This time we witness a young musician as she find what could be the love of her life, or at least a good snogging partner, only to find herself suddenly trapped in a deal with the devil...or demon...or something similar. I would have liked more detail on the nature of this 'other world' the characters find themselves, or at least their skeletons, pulled into, but over all this is a fun read and an original story. I give it big points for that.