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  • Calan on Feb. 16, 2012

    I decided to read this book because I was in the mood for an easy read and thought a romance might fit the bill. This book centres around two main characters being Calan and Angela. Calan is a survivor from earlier life of physical abuse who has gone on to achieve success financially and also in her sport of power lifting. Angela is a uni student just finishing up a degree in psychology. This story is about how they met, how their relationship develops and how Calan overcomes her inability to reciprocate love. Personally I failed to connect with this story as I found the storyline a little unbelievable in parts. I feel it would have benefited had the characters had a little more depth to them. But if you wanted to escape for a while it was a pleasant enough read.
  • Angela on Feb. 16, 2012

    This is a follow on to the book Calan. I like to read follow on books so I got this one at the same time as I read Calan. This book extends the relationship of Calan and Angela to envelope friends and family. It also focuses on a charitable organisation they run to uplift physically and mentally abused women. There’s lots of amateur psychology in this book which made me wonder - Is the author aiming at a self-help book or a romance…I’m not sure. The storyline was pleasant enough but as in the first book I found all the characters to too perfect and lacking depth. I also found the conversational language used to be a bit old fashioned…I’ll put that down to cultural divide perhaps. On the whole though, it was a pleasant enough read and good to kill off a few hours if you need to.
  • When Women Were Warriors Book III: A Hero's Tale on Feb. 20, 2012

    I downloaded the first couple of chapters of Book 1 to see if I wanted to read it further. I knew within a few pages that I would go on to read the following two books in the series. I was right there with it and this author held me hostage for the few weeks it took me to read these three books. (Thanks for that Catherine Wilson!). The book tells the story of the coming of age of a young woman (Tamras), a warrior in the making, who unknowingly is destined to be a leader among her people. It’s a journey both physical and spiritual of Tamras and the deep bonds which develop between her and her intriguing Warrior mentor/trainer Maara. This story has it all – love found, love lost, family dynamics, friendships forged, good versus evil, skirmishes fought and great battles engaged. It’s written in such a way that it all seems really real. So much so that days after I’d finished these books I found myself thinking about the characters in the “House of Merin” and wondering what they were up to today. Read it – you’ll not be disappointed.