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Latest book: Uncle Zach.
Published July 21, 2023. (4.87 from 15 reviews)
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Latest book: Daddy Christmas.
Published December 15, 2023.
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Latest book: A Brutal Gangbang.
Pre-release—available July 11, 2024.
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Latest book: My Brothers and Me.
Published February 25, 2023. (3.83 from 6 reviews)
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Latest book: His Princess.
Published February 21, 2024. (4.69 from 13 reviews)
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Latest book: Brother.
Published June 14, 2022. (4.40 from 5 reviews)
Odessa Hywell
Latest book: Cursed Omega's Second Chance: The Omega Wolf's Curse #1.
Pre-release—available June 7, 2024. (4.55 from 11 reviews)
Adara Wolf
Latest book: Forcibly Fucked by His Vampire Twin.
Published May 10, 2023. (5.00 from 5 reviews)
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  • Resistance is Fertile: The Devil's Forced Breeding on Sep. 13, 2021

    Omg, yall have to read this just for the forced breading at the end. I cant stop giggling cause it was just that awesome. This is a total non con, changed into an omega story that was really well done for being so short. I would have loved to have known why the brother was in hell and what happened to the first offspring though.
  • Forced by the Wolf on Sep. 13, 2021

    Like whoa, I knew going in that this was non con, but even I was not expecting the level on non conning that was in this story. But I still like it. There is very little development of the characters, so the beginning really didn't make a lot of sense, but these are fated mates who didn't realize they were fated mates until the wolf took over and forced the issue and also impregnated the said mate. In an extended way... Sean craved/loved Ethan, not the wolf and kind of got his HEA.
  • Always Oskar: Sinful Delights #1 on Jan. 08, 2022

    Ok, so this was my first granddaddycest and it was really good. It read smoothly and did not actually seem to be bad as far as taboo stories tend to be. Ian loved Oskar perhaps a bit too much and Oskar loved him back. I am not going to lie, I loved these mcs but man I really want to know more about the people around them. The twink psychopath really needs a hug and some love.
  • Morally Ambiguous: Confessions of the Son [1] on Jan. 08, 2022

    This was an awesome read. Not gonna lie, it was a bit angsty for me but the writing was so well done that I was able to hang in there. There is no spoiling what this book is about, a son goes to find his Dad and things happen. And these things that happen are happening organically. So totally believable that I was cheering for a HEA for them. I did not like the portrayal of the birth mother, but it does explain how Dad became a Dad to begin with.
  • Morally Ambiguous: Transgressions of the Father [2] on Jan. 08, 2022

    As always, the writing kept me going when it was just pages of "we shouldn't but we really want to" angst going on. I still loved Eren and Atwood. I loved that Atwood was a Daddy and not just a dad. I mean these two had a full blown Daddy/boy relationship even forgetting the whole biological relationship. I loved that. Then it was time for the resort and "oh no, there's just one bed" and the wonderful surprise of having Bennett and Cooper from the first book there. The resort was like a full character and I hope it's where the previous and new mcs all meet up and sex up in future books. The ex showing up was cliche, but I really was expecting Nic to shout out that Atwood was his father, but that never happened. That last line in the book though...
  • Twisted Together on Jan. 08, 2022

    This was one of the best written *cest stories I have read in a long time. Even with the fact that Bennett was teetering on the TSTL fence for so long, I was really emotionally invested in the mc and his brother Cooper. I will point out that these brothers did not have a healthy relationship even before all this happens. They were too dependant upon each other and for some reason, one was allowed to go out and have boyfriends but the other one wasn't. I know we were supposed to think that it was because Bennett really wanted his brother so didnt bother to go out, but it really didnt feel that way to me. There was a major size difference, which was different because most twins are identical in these stories, which I enjoyed as well.
  • Family Values: Sinful Delights #2 on March 27, 2022

    Books and boning, I think I’m in love - me too Theo. This story is mostly about a mob boss who accepts the offer of the lives of a set of twins in exchange for letting them live. But the real overall arc is grieving for what could have been. Abaddon had to get over what happened when he was a child (not gonna lie, I hated that part) in order to love these twins. I felt that that the grieving felt real but the acceptance took forever. I liked the story overall. It flowed well and I wasn't taken out of any scenes. I did have an issue with the lack of sexytimes until the end of the book. In order for a throuple/poly relationship to flourish, they need time with all people and this really did not have that at the beginning. Sure they spent some time together as separate couples, but I did not feel that connection that is needed to see them fall in love. Had there been some intimacy throughout the story, it would have made the ending even better.
  • The Monster Games: Episode 1 - Jay on June 12, 2022

    I don't know how to review this really, as there was no real ending. Even in my erotica, I prefer an ending of some sort. I know that there are more chapters, but they are going to focus on the other guys, I am going to assume, since they are named that way. This one is about a guy - Jay, who was not gay and never had anal sex before, who was abducted by aliens and was sexed up by an alien with a monster wingdinger that had it own sheath and was self lubricating. The roughness of the sex was great and I will read the rest of the series cause I want to know who actually wins the monster game.
  • I'm Not Your Butler on Aug. 16, 2022

    This was beyond instalove, this brocest started with one jokingly asked blow job request and all of a sudden they were a banging. Which I was able to roll with. Izzie and Bern were brothers...well it was more like Izzy was a pain in the ass monarch and Bern was his servant for most of their lives. Bern had been lusting after Izzie for a long time and was as innocent as one could be. Then Izzie makes the "I want a BJ" comment and so begins their relationship. Poor Izzie was different. He did not think or act like anyone else and certainly did not act like he was so young. I think he was 19 but I am not sure about that. He was a pro gambler and made boatloads of money playing poker. He also worked for the Sabbatini family, who you may recall, showed up in Sins and Supplications. Phoenix was even in this one! I do adore that boy. Bern was a hugely muscled sub. He did not have a mean bone in his body, though he did stand up to their dad when needed. So of course their parents find out about them and their mom refuses to talk to them. Their dad keeps hitting them so Roc Sabbatini has a MC gang go rough him up. They decide to stay together always and it ends. I really enjoyed this. I read the entire thing in one sitting. The only way this would have been better is if Sloan and his pet had showed up.
  • Son of a Sinner on March 06, 2023

    Due to the nature of this book, I am going to start off with a disclaimer. This *cest book features a man who was 40 when he brought a 16 year old boy into his home to be fostered. Technically, the dad waited until the exact moment he turned 18, but more details about that later. Spoilers ahead, be warned. Ok so in here we have Penn. Who starts off the book being 40, single, and he has baby fever. He is also divorced after his wife told him she did not want his kids and was having an affair. Soon after seeing his sister has adopted a kid (the baby was one already, does no one in this family talk?), he decides to become a foster parent and vows to change his life to make it happen. And he does, he stops drinking, hooking up, and all that jazz. First he gets a baby with special needs. That lasted a few weeks. Then he got a couple of kids that lasted a few days. Then Wilder shows up on his doorstep. Wilder is 16 and very small. He has never known love, just basic care from being in the system. He also thinks and talks like an old man. That part gets better about mid way through, as it seems like the writer finally remembered that he was a teen. These two immediately bond. I understand that Wilder is just clinging onto the first person who showed any caring and Penn needed to be needed. If this was expanded on and made to be the basis of this hookup, then this review would not be this long. Their first shopping trip had Penn taking Wilder to the personal section to get lube and condoms. Wilder is 16 and its his second day with Penn. I think it was supposed to be funny, but it did not hit the mark. Time skips ahead and Wilder is now 17 and there are sudden non parental feelings toward Wilder and Wilder is horny for Penn. Wilder's feelings were understandable, he was with someone who treated him like a grown up and did not neglect him (yet) but there was no excuse for a 41 year old man to be wanting to sex up the child he brought into his home. Lets get one thing straight. *Cest works when both people are of age and of sound mind. Consent means a lot yes, but the power dynamic kind of means more. What do I mean with that statement? Penn had total control over the teen he had in his house. Wilder was going to high school, Penn never seemed to ever work, but lets assume he does. He controls the home, the money, and more importantly, he controls the feelings/emotions toward the kid. If, lets say, Wilder was at college, living on his own, and able to make decisions, this would have been different. Being a horny teen, Wilder pushes and pushes his wants toward Penn. Does Penn ever sit down and talk about it? Nope. He decides to go on a date and get his wingdinger sucked. So if you have issues with any mc doing anything sexual on page with another person not the other mc, then here is a heads up about that. After that disastrous date and crying himself to sleep on Wilder (yes, these two sleep in the same bed while he is underaged), Penn decides to punish the child who has never had affection by withholding it for 13 days. Gee, I wonder why it was now ok to speak to a teen who just turned 18? That is bad but it gets worse. Penn takes Wilder out for the day (and lets talk about the fact that Penn puts out podcasts for a living. How much money is he bringing in? He has a home, car, unlimited spending money...) and eventually end up at a Mexican restaurant where they both get drunk. Yes, Penn let an underaged teen get drunk in public and then was so drunk Wilder had to drive home. Penn throws up in the bushes and they make it inside to the bed where of course now it is time for the sexing up. Not once did this grown man have a talk about his feelings, the sex, absolutely nothing to Wilder. He was the one who should have been explaining everything, helping Wilder, anything, but nope. It was all about the sex. I wanted to stop this at 62% which is where this scene started. But I wanted to review this so I kept going until the end. This is a cliffhanger ending and Penn is upset but not because he could have harmed Wilder, but because he did this to himself. I am not sure if I will read the second part of this. If I had felt that Penn had one iota of caring for Wilder, this would have been so much different. At one point, like the second day Wilder was there, they had a talk about being gay and how a good guy takes care of his partner but when Wilder asks Penn if he was a good guy, he admitted that he never was. And it is true, he is not a good guy.