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Writing is my art. Like any artist I create my work with my imagination and I present it to you that way. It may not be the “conventional” way of writing but I am the “Aritist” of my novels and I am ECCENTRIC in all the right ways! You know my books are different… I want you to feel like you are being TOLD my stories first hand from the main character in my books. So they are written in a “face to face” mode. So you may see the word “ain’t“ instead of “isn’t” or the word “wanna” instead of “want to” becuz (instead of “because”) this is how I imagined the story and I write what I imagine. You can call it “Interactive” writing. I BELIEVE WORDS ARE POWERFUL!!! I don't write books just for you to read a good story I write books so I can tell you a good story... I don't want you to visualize my sex scenes I want you to IMAGINE them!! There is a difference!! I want the women who read my books to try and be like the women in my stories (even if it’s just for her man from time to time) I want the men who read my book to tell their women to read my book and recreate scenes. My stories are a bit erotic but they do have substance! This is who I am

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