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  • Grand Tours - Tour 7 - Plymouth & Touring Cornwall on March 04, 2012

    Caroline's grand tours books add a new, refreshing style to the many travel guidebooks available on the market today. Her use of first person narrative gives her guide books a personalised, diary feel to them. You almost feel that you are accompanying the author on her travels. This makes them an enjoyable read in their own right, even if you have no immediate plans to visit Cornwall yourself. This book provides lots of encouragement to you to make the effort & tour Cornwall for yourself. She gives lots of information on how to follow in her footsteps or to tailor your own trip to suit your own personal tastes. She gives lots of historical descriptions of the best places to visit to add to your enjoyment. Her emphasis is always on getting the best deals & saving money where possible which is invaluable in today's economic climate. She gives out frequent references to useful web-sites to get the most up-to-date information, which helps to overcome the biggest problem I find in other travel guides that they can can quickly become outdated. Her book contains many interesting photographs to view. Even though she does give accurate descriptions of her chosen route, I personally think that more route maps would be a very useful addition. However, she does give out the postcodes for all the places she visits, so anyone with a sat nav system is well catered for. I have been to Cornwall a few times now, and I find it to be a lovely part of the country. I do know that on my next visit, Caroline's book will be my guide book of choice to be loaded onto my e-reader! What better recommendation is there!