Ian Morgan


Author Ian Morgan was born in 1944 in Sunderland within the proverbial stone's throw of Roker Park, the famous former home of Sunderland AFC. His father worked in the shipyards and his mother in ladies' fashion shops.
He studied in a local grammar school and went on to take a French Honours degree at Newcastle University, which included living and teaching in France for a year. After graduation, he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and then, after four years of teaching at a private school in Tynemouth, took a position in Germany and was posted in a rural village with no knowledge of the German language. Coping at first with gestures, and then with a flourishing grasp of the language, he continues to return to his German village and enjoys the warm welcomes that he receives there.
After years of delaying his writing - first for his job, then for the five children who followed - he now finds himself in a position to devote his time to his true passions.

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