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  • The Expendable Few - A Spinward Fringe Novel on May 18, 2012

    In all his works Randy Lalonde creates rich believable characters you adopt and care for. This offering is no exception and offers a background and alternate view to the universe he created for the Spinward series. It's good stuff and well written. BUT; he does dwell on the "renegades given a second chance" angle and while it's a good plot device, having read the series from the start it becomes very familiar. Fortunately this minor (personal view) point does not detract from what is a very good read and will make his writing peers ever-so-slightly jealous and so it should; I didn't notice the pace slowdown other reviewers mention and I for one am impressed with Mr. Lalonde's scene and action descriptions and I particularly like where he takes the reader; you want the hero to get the girl and the baddy to get his come-uppence, and Randloph delivers big time with no apologies. I would never have discovered his work had it not been for Smashwords, as good as we find Randy's work, I doubt he would ever have seen success with a hardcopy publisher or even been represented. I'm thankful that he perservered and used this medium to such good effect. This is splendid space opera and Randolph Lalonde is Wagner.