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Adaeze Ifezulike is a Family Physician/GP/Author/Blogger and Speaker whose empathy and professionalism is an instant hit with audiences of all sizes.
Her speeches are clear, easily understood and delivered to achieve maximum impact.
Humorous, power packed and energetic, Adaeze leaves her audience feeling inspired and ready to take the necessary steps to improve their lives.
She has more than 15 years’ experience and knowledge as a medical doctor and infuses her experiences into key life strategies and powerful presentations.
She helps ladies pinpoint areas of focus necessary to create a fulfilling life.
Her seminars are relevant and full of rich content.
Drawing from her own experiences and encounters with patients, she shares effective solutions for maximising life and actionable takeaways that clients can begin to put to use immediately.

Adaeze's ideal audience is women who feel they can be more than they are at present, women with big dreams but who feel limited by self-imposed or society imposed obstacles.
She also loves to share strategies with youths on how they can cultivate their teenage and early adult lives to ensure that they position themselves for greatness.
When you listen to Adaeze, you will see the 'impossible' become possible.

The following is a sample of Speaking Topics that Dr Adaeze Ifezulike is constantly asked to present to groups and organizations. If you are wondering about a topic which isn’t listed here, please contact

Speaking Topics:
∞ Domestic Abuse: ‘No more one-in-four!’
• Get equipped to help a friend who is being abused.
• Gain skills on managing domestic abuse.
Are you the 'one in four' woman? One in four women are victims of domestic abuse.
Are you desperate not to be one of the three women who die daily worldwide from domestic abuse?
Maybe your friend is a victim of domestic abuse. How can you help her?
Join Adaeze Ifezulike as she tackles this cancer with expertise and empathy.

∞ My Dream Man:
• Must-do strategies to position yourself to attract Mr Right.
• The big mistakes that single ladies make.
• What to do while 'waiting' for Mr Right.
Have you been single and ready for so long that you’re almost ready to give up on your ‘Dream Man’? Do you dream of marital bliss and look forward to your own happily ever after with the man of your dreams?
Are you sick of hearing how terrible marriage is and determined to create your own version of beauty in marriage?
Join Adaeze Ifezulike - Sexual Wellbeing expert and learn how to make your dreams a reality!

∞ Sexual Intimacy:
• Still wondering what the big deal is about sex?
• Struggling to find sexual fulfilment with your partner?

Adaeze Ifezulike will explore the ways we shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to sex and strategies for optimising sexual intimacy.

∞ Contraception:
• Is your family complete and you want to stop child-bearing?
• Maybe you are not ready for a family yet and just want some insight on what contraception to use?
• Do you get confused about the different contraceptions and how they work?
• Do you have reservations about their side effects?
Invite Dr Adaeze for a heart-to-heart in-depth analysis on the use of contraception. Learn how to minimise the chance of your chosen contraception failing and discover the truth about side effects like cancer which have been attributed to contraception.

∞ Pornography.
What’s so terrible about pornography? It’s just looking at pictures. No one gets hurt by me looking at pictures... do they?

Dr Adaeze skilfully handles this explosive issue and
• Equips people with the knowledge they need to deal with pornography.
• Shows a step by step method on how to stop using it.

∞ Making my teenage years count.
Teenage years are the season for sowing and must be deliberately harnessed if one hopes for a great future.
Dr Adaeze’s messages to young people will light a fire in their hearts and help them to achieve their greatest potential.
• Learn the pitfalls to success in life.
• Understand how to position yourself for greatness.

The above is just a selection of frequently requested talks (Hot Topics). Other topics can be handled – please email to enquire about your topic.

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Understanding Contraception: A Guide for Black Ladies
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 10,450. Language: English. Published: April 12, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Sexual health
"Understanding Contraception'' is an easy-to-read fun book on contraception. A must have for every woman's library. In the week of its release on Amazon, it was a Bestseller in 3 Categories. It is a master piece from Family Physician and Sexual wellbeing expert, Dr Adaeze Ifezulike who skilfully combines warmth, humour and sound medical knowledge in this book.

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