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Ilias L. Katsiampas was born on October 30th 1965 in Trikala (ancient Trikki) of Thessaly (Greece), where he grew up and lives today. He is a graduate of Physical Education (TEFAA), he has worked as a journalist for the last twenty-two years and he is the writer and publisher of 15 philosophical works. He is married to Sofia A. Skoumi with whom he has two children, Lampros and Maria.
From a very young age, he expressed a strong esoteric interest in looking for the essence of things, the real meaning of life. He studied many philosophical systems as well as volumes of books on Esotericism of every kind, time and country until he met Nikolaos A. Margioris, the Greek Master of Esotericism (1913-1993), in whose spiritual work he recognized the presence of substantial Knowledge, the supreme real truth. He became his student and remained close to him from 1983 to his physical passing on May 6th 1993.
Among other things, he was taught the pure form of Raja Yoga and he was trained in numerous other esoteric fields of interest (Esoteric Philosophy, Esoteric Theology, Mysticism, Astrology-Astrosophy, Hypnotism-Orthopsychism, Scientific Spiritualism, Esoteric Therapeutics and so on) and gradually ascended the steps of his spiritual evolution.
The fiery and indomitable tendency and willingness of the writer to explore the Beyond in combination with his intensive training, apprenticeship and direct close relation with his Master N. Margioris for almost a decade, contributed decisively to his gradual formation of an integrated experiential clear perception-point of view on the whole field of Metaphysics as well as the practices of meditation and mysticism.
On January 18,1992 with the full encouragement, guidance and in the presence of his Master, he inaugurated the Omakoio of Trikala, an educational-spiritual center, where all the Yoga systems (Mantram, Kriya, Raja, Karma, Jnani, Bhakti, Kundalini, Sahaja, Atmoliquefaction), Esoteric Philosophy, Alternative and Esoteric Therapeutics and generally Esotericism (Occultism and Mysticism) are taught to this day.
Since 1999, he has been active in the Omakoio of Thessaloniki.
On July 2012, he established, with his partners and his students, the Association "YOGA ACADEMY OF NIKOLAOS MARGIORIS-OMAKOIO" as a tribute to his Master N. Margioris for a more complete application of his philosophical and practical work.
He proclaims and highlights the paramount need for the widespread teaching of Esotericism (Introversion-Self Knowledge) in order to create healthy and balanced minds and a truly New Spiritual Man characterized by self-awareness, self-reliance, autonomy, an open mind, with a giving disposition, free of materialistic pettiness and repressed desires, an ability to better adapt and respond to the challenges of modern reality as well as to every future time of Humanity.
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From the master's mouth to the student's ear: Revealing Metaphysical Correspondence - a Modern Greek Mystic, Nikolaos Margioris and his student Ilias Katsiampas. Significant Esoteric Essays.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 87,160. Language: American English. Published: June 30, 2015 . Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Yoga, Nonfiction » New Age » Meditation
A book-document which contains an unprecedented, fascinating, revealing and rare metaphysical example of correspondence between a Spiritual Master and his student and defines the ideal method of teaching an esoteric course.

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