Michael DiBaggio


Mike is a longtime worldbuilder and fantasist who has worked on projects as diverse as comic books, novels, and role playing games. Along with his wife, Shell, he is the co-creator of the Ascension Epoch, a shared universe for superhero and adventure fiction. Ascension Epoch uses many sources from the public domain, and all of its material is released in the Creative Commons. His short story "House of Refuge" was a prize winner in the 2014 Libertarian Fiction Authors/Students for Liberty Short Fiction Contest. Two more Ascension Epoch novels, "Copper Knights and Granite Men" and "After Dark" are forthcoming in 2014.

Mike and Shell live in Pennsylvania and work full time at the same software company. Besides writing and illustration, they are fond of hiking, baseball, Hammer horror movies, tabletop gaming, customizing action figures, and building Legos. They have three dogs and two cats.

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