T Marie


Born in Wisconsin, horses have been the center of my life since a young age so it was only natural for me to incorporate the horse in everything I write. The old saying.. "write what you know" holds true. simply put, I know horses. Working as a trainer, breeder and rescue coordinator, I have devoted my life to the animal world.

Writing is my second greatest love next to my rescue work. The writing world can be very political, full of criticism and let downs, with road blocks around every turn, but my devotion to my craft has never waned.

Advice to new writers...

Life is what you make of it. If you want to write, write. Don't do it to please others, do it to please yourself. I have been writing from a very young age but only recently decided to publish some of my novels due to encouragement from others. I write because I love to express my creativity, to share it with others. I don't do it to please publishers or agents, I do it to please myself and offer it to the world. On that note, you should still learn and listen to others who have the experience to give you pointers. When it comes to perfecting your craft, you never stop learning.

I believe that life is like a map. We travel down many different roads to reach our destinations. We may choose to settle in one location or move on to the next. That is the wonderful thing about life, there is always something more just down the next road. Simply put, I don't just live life, I live for it.


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