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  • Going Under on April 19, 2013
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    This is one heavy book! Not for the faint of heart. Even know it's set in High School the characters were very mature. I was on edge most of the time while reading. I knew that Brooke was getting in over her head and that her budding romance with Ryan would take a hit I could just see the train wreck in my head but it certainly didn't play out how I predicted! Even know what Brooke did to her best friend was totally digesting I still felt sorry for her because when your young and your caught up in the moment you make mistakes. Just when I thought things were going to work out and everyone was going to live happily ever after BAM it takes a dark turn and things explode after that. I can tell you there are some hot sex scenes -yes high school kids - I wish my sexual experience in high school was like it was with Brooke and Ryan! The ending was Fabulous and the epilogue was spatular! Again this book is graphic and there is a rape scene so know it is dark but there is also lots of light in there too. Quotes: "We don't even know one another. I lunged at him like a freaking hoochie." " 'A man who eats manly meat', I said. 'I like it.' " "I wanna make out hard." "Why does God do that? Make some people so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at them?" "It's not my business, really, but how many girls have you slept with? I only ask because you've got mad skills." Follow my blog at